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  1. That is awesome. Prefect for was I was looking for at this time. Your the best and I can't thank you enough.
  2. I tried both but I am far from being a programmer. I did notice the default was reverting. I looked at the FS and attempted to change the location and PNG but it was still coming up blank when I paused on Dig Dug and Galaxian. Assumed was maybe because the name did not match but that is out of my wheelhouse. Thanks
  3. The default path LB is downloading into is \LaunchBox\Images\Arcade\Arcade - Controls Information for the bulk and it's putting a few into subfolders (Not sure 100% why yet). Most look to come through as PNGs. I seen in the default code it was getting the image with the Source="{Binding SelectedGame.ArcadeControlsInformationImagePath}" but my attempts to modify the default was unsuccessful. Main driver for this is my wife is showing interest in playing my arcade setup and I am trying to make it as user friendly as possible. I was using GameEx as my loaded and the only thing I real
  4. I currently use the Default pause screen theme and it shows the box art and the controls but I would like to have the controls only show or at least be much larger. I looked at the Game Controls FS and that is what I would like but it looks like it would works best using image files that have been renamed to the ID number but I would like to avoid this because I am always updating the meta data from LB and Emumovies so I would prefer to use them if possible like the default does. Any insight would be great. Thanks
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