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  1. I have read around but the solutions on other threads do not seem to work for me so thought i would try here to get specific answers to my problem if possible... I am using an Xbox One controller, and quitting emulators is working fine using the Guide button, even for the odd ones like RPCS3 and Daphne, but not for Teknoparrot. I can exit using the ESC key on my keyboard in both LB and BB, but the Xbox controller does not exit using the guide button. I have it set up to exit in BB, (Inputbindings.xml) <InputBinding> <InputAction>Launch
  2. seems like that worked, I just disabled both and now have no problems with Daphne, and somehow Demon Attack has started to work again properly too so who knows what was going on there... Quick question - is there a way of getting Daphne to close when I press the home button on my xbox one controller - this works with most emulators and I have even got it working on RPCS3 following guidance here but cant seem to find anything similar for Daphne...
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, I will certainly take a look at this in the next few days but for the time being will leave things as they are and use launchbox - I have spent days getting everything up and running and it was very disappointing for it not to work in bb as I had expected, but the overall launchbox experience is so good anyway that it will serve my needs as it is, certainly the best front end I have used.
  4. I set everything up using launchbox, all the usual emulators etc, and thought big box was merely a more arcade-orientated wrapper and that everything would have the same functionality, but I have found a number of instances so far where everything works fine in launchbox but not big box - for instance, Daphne Dragons lair works great in launchbox, but in BB I just get a dos box on the screen and the game does not load, if I load a ps3 game using rpcs3 then launchbox quits it ok but I cannot quit at all using BB even though other systems work ok. Incredibly Demon Attack on the Atari 2600 works
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