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  1. Ok I was messing around with this a few more hours to find out the fastest way adding them games is to drag and drop like 10-30 games at once into launchbox and manually setting the correct executable path. But I think this might be a bug because it acutally sets the right path to the installer or setup exe, but the relative (wrong one if you have your roms in a alternate dir) to the launch exe. Maybe someone could have a look at this. I added a snap of a game I dragged and droppen inside launchbox. Best regards Friedi
  2. Hi folks, I came across another issue. Last night I tried to import my collection of DOS Games. Those are all in seperate folders. Eg.: Game1 (1993)/Game1/FILESandmaybeSubfolders. The entire collection is about 600 games and if I try to import all of them at once Launchbox leads me through the wizard for importing DOS games. So far so good. After completing the wizard (It even found the corresponing exes bats and what so ever to each game in the list at the end of the wizard) and pressing ok it leaves the wizard and simply remains doing nothing in the standard screen.
  3. The Amstrad systems were mainly used in European countries, especially Germany, France and Spain. There are some exlusive titles but really one a few. Main reason for me getting the system up and running was for completeness Same here. I'll give it another try with gamebox Maybe it works for that emu, or as mentioned above maybe I also missed to check some options in retroarch system.
  4. Tried to get the multiple retroarch config solution inspired by your answers and the thread Headrush69 mentioned: - First of all I did not have a retroarch-core-option file. This was caused by the option "global core options" in the retroarch settings. Enabling this generates this file. - Next I did run one Amstrad CPC game and went to the quick menu. There I adjusted the cpu model to 6128. Then saved the config. Now the retroarch-core-options.cfg was created in the retroarch folder. Then I moved this file to the retroarch/config/cap32 folder and renamed it to retroarch-
  5. Thanks for the reply Gonna try it although it sounds tricky to me I think it is the way you say. As this is a system option a game specific override would help but concerning the amount of games i'd like to avoid that and hoped the content directory override would address this issue. Thank you too for the reply. Yes that would have been my workaround too. Simply hoped there is maybe a command line option or something.
  6. Hey folks, I am trying to run both, Amstrad CPC and Amstrad GX4000 files with the cap32 core in Retrocharch. Usually I try to use stand alone emus, to avoid esspecially that issue I got now, but the stand alone ones for those platforms do not hava all the features (autostart, some have trouble with fullscreen some have weird gui...) Tried Arnold, WinAPE, Caprice Forever, Arnold AE.. So caprice32 core in retroarch works with both systems and got all I need (Autostarting roms, Fullscreen working great, comfortable controls binding etc..) However, only one
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