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  1. Hi, sorry for double-posting, but I wanted to ask again real quick: is there a faster way to 'fix' all of the paths or do I have to do that manually?
  2. I'll try to be as accurate as possible, but to fully recreate my steps would take a long time as it's a bunch of games and the import process takes a while. I'll do it from memory, is that alright? 1. I place my folder of games ('Oldies') in C:/Games/Launchbox, where Launchbox is installed (version 11.9). 2. I start Launchbox and click away the 'Add Games' and welcome screens.* 3. I open the Oldies folder, select all the games in there (some 1700) and drag them into the open Launchbox window. 4. A window pops up asking me whether the games are MS-DOS, others, etc. I select MS-DOS.
  3. Okay, so your very first suggestion has revealed the issue. I selected a random game: 'Abandoned places'. When I right-clicked and selected 'Edit' --> Launching, its file path just said 'ACE.exe'. I clicked Browse --> corrected the file path so that it looks like: Oldies\Ace\ACE.EXE. It now functions as normal. Huh. I'm curious: why did it register the path like this? Is there any way to fix this issue without having to manually adjust all the paths? Thanks a lot for your help. Edit: I guess a workaround / hack would be to put all the games in the Launchbox root folder. Bu
  4. Haha yeah it was about to do that, so I removed the second "/Launchbox". Sadly, same error https://imgur.com/Kg2aMxO here's the folder I've tried copying the games into /Games/MS-DOS manually, which netted the same error. They're in /Oldies currently.
  5. Change nothing else? just rerun the 11.9 installer? Alright, I'll report back
  6. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I have never heard of eXoDOS. I've only used Dosbox before this to manually approach and run the games one by one. Launchbox was able to launch them previously, but not anymore. I deleted all my backups / the entire Launchbox folder, so that's a no. I wanted to start fresh/clean - because that's what worked last time. No luck now. Is there anything else I can post that would help narrow down the problem?
  7. Hey guys, A week or so ago, Launchbox was working fine and I was playing all these old MS-DOS abandonware games that I got in a big ole pack. Between then and now, something happened where, I think, Launchbox tried to update itself and I aborted that procedure prematurely. The reason for canceling the update was because I thought it was something else, and only figured after the fact what was really happening. When I tried to restart LaunchBox afterwards, it gave some sort of error. I think that some NET 3.0 files were missing or some such. Well, no worry I thought to myself, I
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