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  1. No in the mame settings when you push tab to configure game , i have general settings all set up but for the machine settings there isnt a setting for lightgun
  2. Just installed lightgun and wanted to play jurrasic park but in the settings there isnt a setting for lightgun ? How is it suppose to work i tryed setting the stick setting to gun but crosshairs dont move and gun works petfect in other games , any idea what to do ?
  3. Is that with a light gun cause my setting work great with the track ball now but when i add lightgun something had to change or there will be conflict
  4. So these are my settings now and im goin to be installing the light gun so what settings on here do i need to change , do i need a number beside multimouse cause i have the reg mouse and the trackball and i assume it acts like a mouse also so there will be conflict issues ?
  5. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    They are not in the roms folder they are under retroarch , so can i delete the games that dont have art ?
  6. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    Ok sorry i didnt mention thete is also console games nintendo etc
  7. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    Also since i have say 8000 games it says and i think it said 1600 couldnt find art and asked if i wanted to delete them , could they just be games that dont work or clones that i dont need and delete them?
  8. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    Your awesome neil , you always answer thank you and yes i did full set import and only roms are in roms folder , the chds and bios are just on hard drive
  9. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    Yes i think so
  10. Hads

    Cant get boxart

    Out of 8000 roms prob half have the box art and ive ran the metadata wizard twice , anyone know why i cant get them all , i have 228 non merged with 228 merged chds and also the bios
  11. Awesome thank you very much 😀
  12. Thank you for the replys but im not over thinking this i want to understand it , so let ke put it to you another way , what is the best way to put to the most complete rom pkg together that has the most games that work , ie chds , mame non metged and bios , or chds merged roms and bios or chds split roms and bios ? And do you put them all in sub folders in roms ,( cause if i put them together. They try to overwrite each other ) space dont matter to me i have a 4 tb drive , just trying to put together the most complete set
  13. So like i said am i to assume that if i did have the said file already so if loaded that whole file and a full set off mame roms then thats the best way to go?
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