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  1. K i got the above to work but now say every 2nd time the computer shuts down the pots change so my info is locked to what i set but now when the computer restarted say i had something set to joy1 now its joy 4 , so how do i stop the ports changing
  2. I just reinstalled mame and started fresh and seems to be ok now , thank you for your time kind sir 😀
  3. Thanks but i havent even made it to launchbox yet im trying to configure in mame
  4. When im trying to setup my g920 racing wheel and pedals it just starts scrolling out of control , ive changed the sensitivity settings and dont change , ive tryed different keyboard , its in windows 10 , anyone else find this prob and have a solution? Thank you
  5. K i set everything and then wen and made default read only and the individual games read only and restarted and everything was back to nothing set so i undid the read only to reprogram the controls and it wont let me set them now
  6. Awesome i will give it a try thank you
  7. I promice this is my last question and im good , ive asked in mame but its not a good replying forum , when i shut off mame it dosnt save my controls and i have to refo them everytime , there is no cltrl in that folder and i installed with admin permissions and still dont , iseeevetyone else has a cltrl in the cltrl folder that will save the config when entered into mame conf settings , so why dont i have one and how doi install it so it will start mapping from the start.
  8. K lol not done yet , now the steering wheel only turns right these are my settings
  9. Yes that did it when i reentered it 3 times till it got to - , thank you guys for all your answers , have a great weekend
  10. I tryed setting twice and three times and it just says the same thing all the time , i”ll try deleting the game in cgf and see but im babysitting all day so get back to you later thats a bunch guys
  11. K i see that when i start crusin now the gas still does nothing but the car is rolling really slow so tjat might narrow down what it is
  12. K well i set all controls in ghub and they all respond perfectly there and went to mame and set pedal 1as gas pedal 2 brake ,calibrated in cruisin and still nothing
  13. I tryed that and still nothing
  14. You need to create a enter button to get past that
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