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  1. Hi guys, Im really happy with this application. It is just amazing but sometimes I noticed that I open the app and I cant control the mouse and scroll down or select a game with my controller as I set it up. Everytime this happens, if I click in options, the applications freezes and only once I managed to get into options (after more than a minute waiting on a modern PC). I dont care much about this issue since I am not changing any options and I can play the games every time (if I dont click in options). But it still a bit annoying, not being able to select the game with the controller.
  2. I mostly use yaba sanshiro which works more than amazing, now with full HD or even 4k RGB resolution. But 2 or 3 games wont work so I play them in SSF. Im not starting with another emu just for those 2 or 3 games. And I stay with SSF just because I have been playing with it for a long time, when other emulators worked bad. You have to give credit to a 20 years one-man job. I give it definitely and will keep on playing this emu. Anyway my topic is about the Virtual CloneDrive. SSF works perfectly (as long as I mount the image manually before). I just need to make Virtual CloneDrive mount a
  3. I have tried this ( but it doesnt work. Regarding Virtual CloneDrive I found an app inside its folder named VCDMount.exe and this seems to be the right one. If open it I get this message (see attached files) . I hope this is useful and someone can give me some advice. I have also tried to use the application command line parameters given in this post by modifying the application to VCDmount but of course it doesnt work since its done for Daemon Tools Lite. I would appreciate any help. I dont know about programming and get lost directly if I start readi
  4. Hi guys, I managed to make yaba sanshiro work but some games doesnt work and I would like to keep using SSF for these cases since it gave so many good times. I would like to stay also with Virtual CloneDrive since it doesnt have malware like others and its really really light app. I have seen people add Daemon Tools as an extra application before and after the game is launched. Can I do the same with CloneDrive? Any of u experts would give me the line I have to write so it proceeds this way? I have read a lot and most of you are using other emus and other mounting software. But
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