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  1. Thanks, Jason. That's good to know, and will hopefully prevent people from wasting too much time trying to force it to work. I ended up using Simple Arcade Multifilter to do what I needed to do. Worked like a charm!
  2. My apologies if this has been asked before. I looked up this issue and couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to import and trim a MAME 2003 0.78 reference set and I'm having some trouble. If I try to set the MAME version to the 0.78 emulator when importing I get an error that says "MAME.xml child node not named machine" and it won't complete. If I use the newest version of MAME it will let me import the games list, but when I try to export them it says I have no Roms. So a few questions: 1. Does it matter if I just use the newest MAME so I can import successfully, or shou
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