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  1. Hi really appreciate the response. So something like the following spec would work a treat: i5-2400 processor 16gb ram 1tb plus 240gb ssd storage 4gb gtx1650 graphics card look forward to the response
  2. Morning all i used to use an emulator front end on android however I am looking to purchase a new family pc that I’ll use launchbox on. The pc will primarily be used to emulate SNES, mega drive, n64, and perhaps ps1 and wii games. It’ll also be used to play football manager and also used by my daughter for her school work. having owned an iMac for many years I’m unsure as to what spec I need to be looking for in the pc. Not wanting to spend a fortune if it can be helped but happy to get a tower with a monitor. I’d like to use my ps5 on the monitor too. any recommen
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