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  1. I guess i'll find out the hard way, 😔
  2. I saw a tutorial on youtube and it was advised to edit the controllers of the nvidia shield in the emulators that show up in the nvidia shield to make them work. Would that change the controller settings and in the computer where launchbox/big box is originally located?
  3. got it! i had to go to main menu/configuration file and save current configuration to make it work. Thank you so much for all the help!
  4. i tried both with no success, i found out i need to "Enable auto-load core overrides" in retroarch config but cant find it.
  5. I found it, i have to disable screen overlay in retroarch but it doesnt save the setting and have to redo it every time i start a game and for every game. Is there a way to make this setting saved globally for every game?
  6. Sorry and thanks for the help, it's bsnes-mercury from retroarch, i got it custom configured from another guy so it came like that. I'll try to find out by messing with the settings but if anyone knows i would appreciate any help.
  7. The one that shows the console with power and reset buttons. I use an oled tv and dont wanna get burn in. Also can you install the hd mod on this emulator or is only for the normal bsnes?
  8. Thank you for the info, maybe in a future update we might get it.
  9. Can you make the window of the video bigger or to play in place of the thumbnail?
  10. Thank you! That's what i needed to do, check the box for videos. Now when i click on the thumbnail a video plays on the right side but it's in a very small window. Is it possible to have the video play where the thumbnails are as you can change the size and that would make the video much better viewable.
  11. It wasnt enabled, i just enabled it but still cant view video previews in launchbox, is there something else i need to do also? Thanks for the help!
  12. I just became a premium member and in big box i can view video previews of the games but in launchbox only images. Is it possible to make see video previews in launchbox too?
  13. Wow, unbelievable! I remembered i had problems with dark souls games not recognizing either my 360 or x1 controllers and had to disable the HID compliant game controller in device manager. I thought to give it a try here to see if that might be the problem and it was. After disabling both HID compliant game controllers in device manager now my retroarch recognizes my xbox one controller from within the launchbox app. Do you know guys why this was the problem as all other emulators were working fine in launchbox, only retroarch was the problem and when running the games directly from ret
  14. Hello, i just found out when i go play nintendo 64 games my xbox one controller works fine but when i play gameboy games it doesnt work. One uses mupen emulator and the other retroarch. When i play games from within retroarch the controler works fine, when i play from launchbox it doesnt work. It works though on n64 games in launchbox. Do you know why this is happening? So far it looks all other emulators recognize my xbox one controller from within launchbox, it's just retroarch that gives me problems.
  15. Hello, i recently got a wireless xbox one controller and had configured all emulators in launchbox to work with a 360 controller before. Is there a simple way to add the xbox one controller without having to go to each emulator and adding it manually?
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