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  1. when I said my Joys didn't switch, I am referring to my ServoStiks. This is my problem. I am not running LED lights on this particular cabinet.
  2. I just tried with BoxBox and the joys did not switch (I am using unified refried) I'll go back to the original theme...... - C-Beats, I am not sure what you mean about having multiple items selected?
  3. My joys have never switched, the LedBlinky program does start in the system tray, but it never seems to get any further than that.
  4. I have been trying only with launchbox, only because it loads quickly. I can try with bigbox and see if anything changes this morning. I have been using only 2 ROMs to test regularly, donkey Kong (4way) and contra (8 way).
  5. I was getting the same error, I have tweaked a few things and the error comes and goes, but my servostiks have never switched- Arzoo with LEDBlinky is thinking along the same line as HeadRush. Here's my current log, if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Debug.log
  6. Hi everyone, I have a fresh install of Launchbox/Bigbox (licensed) and I have a panel with no led's but I do have servostiks. I can get the sticks to change from 4way to 8way with the ultimarc utility, but the won't switch through launchbox. I have checked the launchbox setting in the options menu and I am pretty sure all the destinations for Mame.ini and controls.ini are correct. I sent the log to Arzoo and he said the launchbox doesn't know which game is being launched, but he was stuck after that.....Can anyone take a look at the log file from LedBlinky and give me any feedback? D
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