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  1. I've re-wrote this a few times now trying to not come of a jerk. But, I don't know how to express what I'm feeling about this tbh. So your saying just because I'm on a ExFAT partition, or drive I can't use LB to it's fullest because it can't extract a "images" folder to another folder? All the other folders, files gets placed, and, or linked to correctly except the "images" folder. So your saying because it's ExFat you can't fix it to extract 1 folder correctly to the correct place? If I can manually copy the folder files via explorer or DOS to the right place then there's no reason r
  2. I've tested this out today on 5 x 5TB external drives. So this is a real bug with LaunchBox and EXFat Partitions and drives. It started off with the "LaunchBox" folder being inside several other sub-directories and worked fine as it should incl all themes for the basic version. However, To make my folders go at the top I do what I always do and wrap them either in "[ ]" or "[# launchbox #]" On launching i get several errors about path issues mainly from .XML files cannot be found, and the custom themes stop working an default back to normal. I remove the special chars in the path n
  3. Awesome! Thank you for all the help and assistance that alone was worth the money Got everything setup and working now. Had a hell of a time with boxart now showing for neogeo on some games, but decided to search for the meta name it found similar names then was able to download 1 by 1 all the missing covers. One hell of a program this launchbox very impressed. Also just as impressed with the level of support and replies back within a few hours. Quick License question, say I did the year license and kept this up once a user hits the threshold they've paid out that equiv's the lifetime do
  4. Ah, I was using right click to find the change rom paths... It's in the three little --- drop down. Cheers. The program, and help support is fantastic well worth 20-50 bucks of anyone's money. Soon, as I get this all setup and back'd up you'll have my dollars. Once I purchase year/lifetime do I need to re-do all this again with another version? Or will it just use a license to unlock premium etc? I'd rather not spend the day setting up everything to then buy this program/support package to find out i have to re-do it all over. Cheers mate.
  5. Hey Neil, found my issue it was the, or is the "ROM" Paths after i changed the interface category from Arcade to Capcom Play System 1 It's changed all the items from arcade to the correct folder however, it's not changed the ROM path folder it's still looking for all the games in "Games" How would I go about batch editing the path in this picture from D:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade to D:\LaunchBox\Games\Capcom Play System 1 As for you explaining it twice, remember you've used this and probably lived and breathed it for years, I'm new to it.. That White space under the platforms is very
  6. Correct. When it's named RetroArch (Changing this title just stops everything working) the problem is there's no default cores for CPS1,2,3 items. There's no way to choose anything to do with CPS1,2,3? fbalpha2012_cps1_libretro.dll fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll fbalpha2012_cps3_libretro.dll These cores work perfectly in Android/Windows RetroArch without the front-end launching them they was designed and built specifically for the CPS1,2,3 Here's what you get for cores when left as just "RetroArch" there's nothing to choose from to pick from? If I edit say the closest would be N
  7. Hey! I appreciate the fast reply wow! I've done a video to show you it's easier this way. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong. If I know the issues then I can fix it for this system and then 2,3, and why isn't CapCom Play Systems 1,2,3 in the system platforms as default I mean you have every other single platform listed NEOGeo MVS EAS even systems dating back to the stone ages, but seriously no pre-defined CPS1,2,3 they are the best systems/games ever. what am i doing wrong.mp4
  8. Looking at this program and seeing BigBox, I'm no doubt going to get this amazing app and support you guys But, first I need to see I can use this front-end just like DigDroid on the Android phone. I'm a little lost when it comes to setting up how to use the following 3 cores when it comes to CPS emulation via LaunchBox? I don't want to use the default settings on MAME I would like to use the same setup as my DIGDroid, sadly it seems the only drop down options is "Arcade" which will merge my CPS1,2,3 with my MAME which I really want to avoid. I would like each CPS1,2,3 in it's own categ
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