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  1. Thank you for posting your solution. I had the exact same problem. Intel set mine to 59, changed to 60 and all worked
  2. was this ever resolved? the linked thread did not fix it for that op either
  3. i went through the ROM list and didnt see any duplicates that would have been combined. I guess the next step is to go line by line and find one that is in the folder but not showing up in launchbox and troubleshoot from there. Still seems odd that both systems topped out at 744, almost like a file limit.
  4. Is there a way to tell if some roms were combined?
  5. I thought about this, I had gone through the pack and deleted many of the multiple region duplicates. It just seems odd that both systems topped out at 744.
  6. so far I have only imported NES and SNES, but i noticed something odd. The game count for each seems to be limited to 744. There should be 780 NES and 770 SNES games. They are all in the games folder, but do not all display. Nothing is hidden in the settings, and i even checked show hidden games just in case. am i missing some setting?
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