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  1. Ok now , even after a good installation , import roms, setup mame , Launchbox does not start a game. if i go in my mame directory and start mameui64, it sees all roms and i can start a game, but if i try to start it from aunchbox, nothing appen!!! directory are well setup in Launchbox.
  2. You were right on, got 11.2 and it did installed flawlessly on the first try . Thanks for your time !!!
  3. OK thanks gonna try it , and let you know how it goes !
  4. only been able to download the latest one 11.x
  5. Hi guys, i read a lot on the forum , but still it does not start Freshly installed Win7 . No Antivirus. LaunchBox installed without error , .net4.8 etc.. When i double click on it, nothing append, literally nothing , it does not appear in apps or services started!! no error messages . Any ides what to try next?
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