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  1. Thanks! So, separating the .pbp files from the others won't break the game? What is the purpose of the other files then? I am going to rescan with only the .pbp anyway. Thanks for the help!
  2. didn't work. said the link was an 'invalid invite' or that i just don't have permission to join.
  3. Hello! I have a LB/BB -RetroArch question... Is there a prefered file format for LB/BB for the different roms? for example, I have my PS1 games in folders with the .pbp and .ini files inside. However, this seems to create dummy entries with LB/BB scans the folder. Should I/ Can I convert those to .zip or .iso and let LB scan them that way? This also seemed to happen with my Dreamcast roms. I am sure I can go in and hide 'broken' games from the gui, but I would rather just scan what I need. Thanks for your help!
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