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  1. As I said, RetroArch makes this a couple-click process. You give it the root directory, and its analysis against its database takes care of the rest, and you end up with all your games divided by platform. It seems reasonable that if free and open-source software can get it done, so can the product that's asking for a $30 upgrade. That's all. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind here. I'm just not interested in going this path. I appreciate the responses.
  2. I have thousands of roms across many systems. Are y'all seriously saying the only way to do this in a way that results in an organized collection is to identify all the individual files myself? That seems...kind of ridiculous, but thank you for letting me know!
  3. Hi all, I'm exploring LaunchBox, primarily because RetroArch has only nascent PS2 support, and PCSX2 itself is not navigable with a controller. So I installed LaunchBox 11.10, watched a few videos, and started importing Dreamcast and PS2 games to test the waters. My immediate complaint is that it thinks every file in the rom path is a game, so I end up with a screen littered with non-game files. The option to use folder names instead of filenames did not help. Also, this process seems way too manual for software that is trying to get me to pay $30. I want to like LaunchBox, and I see lots of features that look great. Maybe I'm missing something here: can I 1) easily auto-filter non-game files, and 2) have LaunchBox recursively search my root rom directory and auto-sort games against its database? This is what RetroArch does, and it made importing my collection a total breeze...and is FOSS. Attached is a screenshot of what my Dreamcast "games" look like after an import. These "track*" files are .raw files associated with the game "Cyber Troopers". Hoping I'm just missing something obvious.
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