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  1. I currently have a third party play time plug in that I had a few updates ago and it tracked a MAME game at 5min which is accurate. 

    the new play time in launchbox only says 5sec of playtime for all MAME games. I don’t think it’s tracking correctly. When I launch from big box, it goes directly into MAME. Play time plug in works most of the time (outside pc games that launch into a launcher) but the official one in the beta doesn’t seem to track time. It does track times played. 

    it tracks retro arch accurately though. 

  2. Ever since the running in background feature came out I noticed launchbox eats up a lot of ram…Way more than chrome with multiple tabs. Is this normal or should I reinstall LB?

    it’s usually around 1.5-2.5gb when the window isn’t open. Just seems high, no other application eats up ram that also runs in background like that. Ram usage doesn’t seem high when games are running after launching them, it’s usually when I minimize LB and stop using it. 

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