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    in other themes you can quickly scroll using the alphabet (for example if im on arcade and want to play pacman and its not under favs, i can skip to P instead of scrolling from A) if theres a way to add this feature i think it would solve the large library issue and since other themes have it built in, i dont think you'll need to code anything too complicated? its a great theme and i still plan to use it for my portable LB since its mostly hand picked games but my main collection has 22k+ one suggestion to help with the problem would be in a future release have the platform playlist as the "tv series" and the games as "episodes" as an optional view that way its easier to condense larger collections while keeping the netflix design still one of the more modern looking themes and i really like the design. the limitations are more of netflix design.
  2. Ever since the running in background feature came out I noticed launchbox eats up a lot of ram…Way more than chrome with multiple tabs. Is this normal or should I reinstall LB? it’s usually around 1.5-2.5gb when the window isn’t open. Just seems high, no other application eats up ram that also runs in background like that. Ram usage doesn’t seem high when games are running after launching them, it’s usually when I minimize LB and stop using it.
  3. Can you just remap escape to a button on your controller or remote? It’s not a big deal cuz home on controller already brings up RA menu and I just close from there…or I’d use the launchbox game pause screen to exit. No need to get up and use a keyboard
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    I suggest adding some way to put platform playlists. It’s annoying scrolling thru large collections, for example I got 1k+ ps1 games and with one row to scroll, it takes a while to find games. Also I can’t seem to flip box art in the menu like I can other themes great work tho! It’s nice seeing a different theme that’s not a reskin of ones we already have. And unlike the other Netflix looking theme, this one seems to scale well and doesn’t require much setup
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