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  1. Hello, By default, the Big Box Theme called "AllNightLong" display Front Box. Is there a way to display 3D boxes? When I select 3D Boxes in Game Image Type, it does not work. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I heard that the free version would allow to utilize low quality vidéo, but I can only download mp3 (audio) in emuMovie tabs, is it normal?
  3. Thanks ! That's exactly what I wanted.
  4. Hello, I created a manual playlist of NES roms. I would like to know if there is a quick and easy way to extract all the roms files of a specific playlist?
  5. Ok thanks for the tip. I'm starting from scratch again and delete the files I don't want BEFORE adding the folder to the database of launchbox thanks to this great tutorial below. Way more easy and quick.
  6. Hello, I have deleted some games frome the launchbox interface. Then I realized that it does not remove the roms from the file directory. How can i automatically delete all roms from my games folder who have been deleted via the launchbox interface?
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. I don't know what is a an auto-gen playlist but I will do my own research.
  8. Yeah but I do not want to sort, I want "filter". This option still display all region, and i have to scroll a lot...
  9. Hello, Is it possible to apply several filters ? I can choose to display one console or region, but how can I display one region of one specific console.
  10. No, I choose a custom folder. But I don't think its a problem, because i have a lot of games (mainly USA and J) that are recognized, but a few Europe games only... (in No Intro full sets).
  11. Is it possible that famous game like "Secret of Mana" in French version is not in the database of launchbox? So much of the games that launchbox did not recognize... I don't understand. Does Launchbox's database include Fullsets or incomplete sets? I tried include "duplicate" game but that not solved the problem...
  12. Hello, I have the same problem. I removed the -fullscreen command but Kega still open in fullscreen when launched by Launchbox... Help.
  13. Hello, I am a beginner and have just discovered Launchbox. I wanted to start by adding the SNES fullset of "No-Intro" containing 3402 SNES roms. Problem is, Launchbox recognized only 1861 roms after scanning the fullset folder. In particular, there are a lot of missing European games. Is this normal?
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