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    MAKE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! I love this theme though it is a bit of a headache to set up its definitely worth it once you get it working! Great work!
  1. That link doesnt load a video anymore im not sure if the video was taken down to set to private. I did look at your youtube and only saw the video included at the top of the page
  2. This is my first time using theme creator how would I go about making ps3 game pictures? I have the logo creator in "my theme projects" folder
  3. I didnt end up moving the menus because I was able to get the theme all set up like the video lol now i just have to learn about community theme maker so i can make some game icons for 360 and ps3
  4. Is there an way for me to change the writing in the bottom right in the platform view? Also a ps3 replica menu would be siiick the switch menu is perfect
  5. How could this happen to me I've made my mistakes I've got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me
  6. I have tried a complete reinstall and left the Launchbox folder to install to default location (Users>”username”>Launchbox). I can’t even switch to the CriticalZone V2 - Default
  7. I normally do download the themes through the manage themes, but if i were to put launchbox on a USB formatted to NTFS do you think that would fix the issue?
  8. No I have it saved in my documents on my SSD (my only storage)
  9. I even got my buddy to send me his BannerBox folder hoping it would help but same thing!
  10. Everytime I try switching off Default I get a barrage of error messages saying it can’t parse basically everything in the views folder -.- Why does this happen? I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times with no fix. Please send help! I see a bunch of people have this issue and no one has an answer so far!
  11. This is happening to my computer as well would a cracked version of windows have anything to do with it? Ive tried everything on this thread
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