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  1. Well that escalated quickly. The extra apps thing will work for me for the near future. Thanks all
  2. Is it possible to add multiple game manuals to a title? ie. manual, hint book, reference card, copy protection codes.
  3. Yeah OK. I understand that. Thanks, you made that a lot easier that other sources I've been reading. The hardest part will be finding time to actually play the games XD
  4. Given drive space is not an issue for me, I figure I'm safest to just get a non-merged set and then I can't really go wrong from the viewpoint of missing files. Is that correct?
  5. Sorry if this is posted somewhere but I couldn't find it in a search. I'm just getting into MAME but I don't want to download every rom ever dumped and just have them there for no reason. Is there are list somewhere that catalogs all the roms in the set and what they are? I found mamedb.com but that seems to stop as of 2008. Surely there have been roms added since then? Thanks
  6. So I'm just getting around to playing with MAME, been wanting to for years but it always seemed more complicated that other emulation. I have a game up and running in BigBox, but when I hit 'esc' to quit out to BB, it opens up a MAME menu over the top and I need to quit that as well. I'm assuming it's something like 'esc' is mapped to open the bios in MAME, so retroarch and the MAME core have a conflicting mapping, but I can't work out how to fix it. I can't find anything mapped to 'esc' in MAME. Any ideas?
  7. I solved it. In case anyone else has an issue, I put them in an the extra folder (had to make it), then set the path within SCUMMVM. Works now. For some reason the game crashes under SCUMMVM, so I switched to DOSBOX\MUNT anyway in the end
  8. Hi all. I am having an issue where I cannot get SCUMMVM to use the MT-32 emulation through Launchbox. It works fine if I go and run the SCUMMVM executable manually and select a game. If I launch SCUMMVM via launchbox though it says it can't use the MT-32 sound device. SCUMMVM is located in the third party\SCUMMVM folder within launchbox and both the requried rom files are present. I did update SCUMMVM to the latest version (2.2.0), do I need to change a setting somewhere within launchbox to make it work?
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