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  1. rom path was correct i just didnt configure mame aswell thinking Launch box would take care of it lol thus the noob post
  2. i have scrolled through every option under general but can not see any skip game details could it be called something else?
  3. omegakiwi

    Bigbox Startup

    is it possible to load games direct from the wheel once ive entered a specific platform then choosen game i mean by passing all other screen and load once ive clicked on the required game?
  4. OK I couldn't get the games to load in LaunchBox despite the correct set emulator and rom set and path directories until i set up the mame configuration directories and set the rom path to mame now launch box recognize all games all is good. this might seem like a silly post but may be of use for another newbie having trouble and has followed all leads to frustration when its simply set up mame configuration first lol
  5. Thanks i have found roms set 0209 and have got emulator 0209
  6. im using the latest version of mame 0232b, 0202b, 0201b 64bit with mame2003 Reference Set Mame078 ROMS CHDs Samples, mame2003 Reference Set Mame078 ROMS CHDs Samples, Mame 2003-Plus Reference Set Majority of game load in mame just not in Launch box. all games imported directly from the Roms folder containing the games and the emulator from the emulator directory where i placed them. i have deleted the command line -keyboardproveder dinput still no luck its is only the games in the arcade platform that run on mame that are having issues they run fine in mame just having no luck
  7. Mame wont load games in LB no matter what i try. games work find when run from mame just no in LB games attempt to load then nothing help plz
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