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  1. I've got the arcade category setup in BigBox, and it is showing all games in the folder. Hundreds or thousands of games, I imported the full MAME set (with filters to get rid of casino, etc, all the default checked filters). Still, way too many games to be useful. I made a My Favorites playlist of just the MAME games I'm interested in. How can I get that playlist to be the only games that show up in BigBox under the "Arcade" platform?
  2. I am setting up Launchbox for Big Box (bought premium) for the first time. Got a lot of different platforms imported no problem. When I imported MAME, it didn't work (no games were imported), but it created a ton of playlists that are all empty (Namco Classics, etc). The problem is that now I have two "All" playlists or categories, and even after deleting all those empty MAME playlists I still have two All categories. And now in Big Box there is an ugly "All" list with a black background and no entries in it. How do I get rid of this?
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