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  1. So can I keep using skraper as long as I go back and delete these backups each time?
  2. Pretty much the only third-party program I've been using is skraper in order to get video files for games as I do not have a membership on emumovies. With the 7z, I did try before to use 7z files for Sony Playstation which I later found that they didn't work for my emulator so I deleted all the games on launchbox and reimported them as .cue's. Not sure if scraping the 7z's before reimporting the files as .cue's did anything... I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to files so here are screenshots of the data folder if it helps
  3. Whenever I import roms it seems fine but as soon as I launch big box all my games duplicate the first time. Usually it's not really an issue because I can just delete the duplicates and they wont come back but recently my Sony Playstation games have have been duplicating every time I open big box even when I try to delete the duplicates. I notice that the files for the originals end in .cue but the files for the duplicates always ends in 7z if that has any importance. I've already tried re importing the games, and deleting all the folders for them but that didn't work. How do I fix this?
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