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  1. After making a image CD for both Dungeon Keeper Gold and or Dark Forces (so far) it just freezes up and does not continue with the install in DOSBox. Hell if I don't choose to do that the game won't run correctly. Regardless, with DKG the CD splash screen will not progress. Trying dark forces yielded the same result with a new screen on DOSBox about not seeing the CD drive despite the fact I used it to install the game. Also I noticed the mount screen on Launchbox the program didn't put the mounts on the mounting screen. Isn't it this a great fracking program?? =D. I have zero knowledge on ho
  2. I have a annoying problem with Kingdom O' Magic after installing it and quitting out to dosbox it doesn't start back up again (I have the original 2 CD-ROMs) I have read that I need to do something with the configuration files I am not tech savvy in the slightest and do not want to mess any up so if possible can I get pictures on how to do it please and just read that Star trek final unity fricks up when going into the tactics menu so looking forward to fixing that problem when it comes up and by the way any problems with ds9 harbinger with playing it though dosbox or dungeon keeper gold?
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