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  1. But what I wonder is should I move all the stuff from the old area to the new one?
  2. I figured it out, so my games, emulators, cheats, alts to games, are all in that weird file system area. And the root is in Users.
  3. I feel like I did, when I search up in file explorer "Launchbox" there is only one folder and that's the weird one.
  4. So I downloaded the new updated version and then transfered all games and files from the old drive to the new one, and all the games are there and work. But still says free version.
  5. So I just upgraded to the lifetime license and it is telling me to replace the file when I click the registration thing but when I go into that "Launchbox" section it's different and has no license. But when I manually go through my files/folders the "Launchbox" folder I see has way more things in it and my new pasted license in it. But when I start up the Launchbox it still says "Free Version" in the top right.
  6. I have been having issues setting this thing back up, and have stumbled on an idea that it's probably because it's on a super old version of windows 8, and that everything is slow. So maybe we just transfer to an SSD, and then upgrade the OS to 64-bit windows 10. So my question is: Which folders would I need to transfer? Is there any parent folder to make this easier? Because it doesn't seem to have that is my current folder hierarchy. I have Launchbox Version 6.0-beta-14 So would It just be easier to start fresh by wiping this drive. Big post I know.
  7. Quick question, so when transferring the Launchbox/Bigbox combo thingy, can I transfer that with the games that I have and all the settings and what not to a new storage device? And if so what are all the folders I will need? Or do I just eyeball it?
  8. We have a launchbox premium membership from Dec 2015. Is that the same a lifetime today or am I smoking something lmao?
  9. Ohhhh, that is a weird feature no offense. So when I click the "OK" to update to a newer version it will only prompt me with me having to enter the email, and the license will be updated?
  10. Oh it prompted me with this after I restarted again. We are pretty sure that we spent the $50 for the lifetime license, but I guess not.
  11. I tried that and it didn't close it out fully so then I went through task manager to kill the task, and it still didn't force the update. I would definitely go to the website and attempt the installer but I'm not sure if that will uninstall all the games, etc. And I also do not remeber the account login info for the licensed part of the launchbox, why I'm on this new account for the forums.
  12. Ok I will test this, I unchecked the "update to beta releases" box and I'll close and reopen with task manager.
  13. Did I click on the wrong thing?
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