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  1. So I solved it. Ironically I solved it while trying to fix a problem unrelated to this one. PCSX2 was not launching at all for me and I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Turns out I had set the bios directory to a custom location, which served me fine until a game needed more than just bios. I guess I figured samples and bios weren't the same thing and that was my mistake. I set the directory to retroarch -> system, and now both PCSX2 and Mame2003 next are working the way they should.
  2. I found a mame .ini file but it's for mame 2010. No sample issues on that core but it doesn't sound quite right to me, which is why i'm trying so hard to get 2003 plus working, it's the only one that sounds right to me, As I said, no sample problems on mame 2003 plus when I launch it through retroarch without launchbox. But it won't detect samples if I launch through launch box and i can't for the life of me figure it out. I wouldn't care about this for most of the games, but some of those early Nintendo games that used samples sound very off on the other cores, and berzerk just won't launch on the other cores.
  3. I just used the regular >tools >import >rom files process. The games all run fine mostly. ( one or two will not launch. ) The games that give me the warning specifically are Berzerk, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Junior. On a side note, I don't get the warning for Space Invaders, which i'm pretty sure uses samples. I do have a space invaders sample folder in the directory samples usually go in. Also I don't have samples for Berzerk because when I ran the game on retropie, it didn't need them, though those other games did.
  4. Hi, pretty new to Launchbox. Just upgraded from retropie. It's quite different in some ways but I'm much happier with the performance. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with sound samples for Mame 20003 plus core in retroarch. I thought I was just not putting them in the right folder or something, while I was writing this out I thought to try it in stand-alone retroarch and they actually work fine, it's when they're launched via Launch Box I just get "Audio sample not found" warnings. FYI I don't use stand alone mame because I like shaders and overlays very much, I don't care for the UI of Mame stand-alone, and I specifically like 2003 plus because it has better sound imo, and some games just won't load in other cores, like Berzerk.
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