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  1. Yep windows is on latest build aswell as C++ runtimes, .NET core and my gpu driver. Ive also re installed big box but the issue still persists.
  2. Ive used launchbox for a while now and decided to upgrade to big box. But the second i try to launch big box it freezes on the startup screen, When i take a look in the task manager the cpu use on big box is at 0%. I also get the same problem when i try to open the options menu in launchbox, Ive done a clean install of windows 2 times now and the issue still persists. Im seriously starting to think this is hardware related but i can't be sure of that. any help would be much appreciated. Specs: CPU: i5 7600k MOBO: Prime z270-a GPU: gtx 1060 6gb RAM: 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz
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