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  1. Thanks Mainiack, boy the UI is all over the map in this thing. Too bad there isn't an actual manual with a Table of Contents and Index, instead of a sea of old forum posts and you tube videos : )
  2. I've done a bunch of searching, only to find outdated threads. Is there a way, when BigBox first launches, to go straight to "Favorites" (or any individual playlist for that matter)? I see that under Options > Views, "Default Startup View" is set to "All Games", and there appears to be no way to change that.
  3. I might just substitute in the that MAME 235 exe and check it out. Unless I really do have to do a re-install which puts it into "not worth it" territory. Thanks Neil!
  4. How do I get rid of this screen so the game starts directly?
  5. That did the trick - thank you sir.
  6. I'm mostly working - thanks to the great people here. But - Is it possible to change the exact file name used when a game starts? As just one example, for Gauntlet 2 it's using "gaunt22p" instead of "gaunt2". This is a minor issue because the sample gameplay video is looking "gaunt2.mp4" - so the video doesn't load. Is there a way to change this? Maybe in an ini file somewhere?
  7. Deleting all games from Launchbox, then re-importing worked great! It took me a bit to wrap my head around the idea that deleting games from Launchbox will not physically delete the games from my MAME\roms folder. Launchbox is merely an "organizer" of sorts. Thanks!
  8. I made 2 mistakes when I imported my roms into Launchbox: 1. Chose a Merged romset (it was the only one I could find for 0.235). 2. I Didn't filter out *anything* when I did the Launchbox romset import. Is there any way to clean up a merged romset? Every single post and youtube video I find only cleans up Split romsets. Am I better off trying to clean this one up, or using something like Clrmamepro to converting it to a Split set so it can be culled? Or some other way?
  9. Thank you Headrush! Exactly what I was looking for, I'll give it a try. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  10. (using MAME + LED Blinky + Launchbox) Is there any way to specify custom colors in colors.ini? Instead of P1_BUTTON1= Orange for instance, can we do something like P1_BUTTON1=23,0,45 ?
  11. I was having an issue with a few random (J1, J2, ESC, Pause, P1B6, P2B2, P2B5) lights staying on after the FE Start-up animation. It was solved by unchecking "Light Launchbox Controls". What the heck does that do anyway, and why did it light a few (seemingly) random lights after the FE start animation?
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