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  1. Thank you for your reply, while i was re-checking everything and making screenshots i figured out that i had accidently enabled "USE FILENAME ONLY WITHOUT EXTENSION....." Know everything works fine Thank you very much
  2. Hi i am quite new to launchbox and trying to use it with retroarch, on windows 10. i am not able to open any rom with retroarch using launchbox. usin retroarch it works. whats wrong? Do i need to set permissions? Thanks
  3. Hi! is it possible to show any picture in case boxart isnt available, automatically? I have several games that have media, but not showing up, because there is no boxart available. I know i can set it manually for every game, but would like to avoid.... Id like LB to show up automatically any picture vailable, if boxart is missing. Thanks
  4. not anymore without messing around with my setup...(i did a workaround) i think the major problem is about the filename and matching the correct LB DB game. I had over 200 dreamcast GDIs with this format: Sonic Adventure 2 v1.008 (2001)(Sega)(PAL)(M5)[!] i had to remove "v1.008 (2001)(Sega)(PAL)(M5)[!]" to be able to find and match correct game in LB DB. Did it manually to all of them and then imported...
  5. wbf4imma

    BUG ?

    I imported several dreamcast games to my dreamcast platform. I had to manually change the name inside launchbox and then match them to LB database. I then run the media download to check all my games for missing media...it wont download any media for those edited and matched games. I need to edit the game manually and download it manually for every game...
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