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  1. i'll give it a shot.. Thanks
  2. Maybe my set is outdated.. Is there a good DAT for the 2003 sets just to remove the possibility of bad or improper merged set?
  3. Guess im old school by saying "set" would imply complete. I tried turning off "Complete MAME set" before scanning & that appears to have fixed my issue. One day i'll just start using the current release of MAME. Thanks.
  4. Its the complete set with chds. If its loading fine for you then there must be an issue with mine.. Maybe amissed config.. but the current set will load fine with lauunchbox.. Also loading retroarch, 2003 plus core, then a rom from the 2003 set runs fine.. Weird.. Maybe i'll check RA logs and go from there
  5. I chose the 2003 Reference set because of its size. I have current MAME set but have not tried it yet thru LB. But like i mentioned the Rom work when not using Launchbox to forward them to Retroarch. I'll keep testing. Edit: Tested with latest set and works fine.
  6. Trying to launch MAME roms thru Launchbox directed to Retroarch MAME 2003 Plus core using the 2003 Plus reference set. Using LB to load rom will pass off to Retroarch but will get a black screen.. I can Hotkey exit from RA so it is running. If i use Retroarch directly, the Roms play fine. I have tried different cores with the same results. Extract zip before launch is Disabled. Using RRetroarch & Retroarch Plus 1.9.9 and latest cores on a Shield Pro Thanks
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