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  1. Did some more digging and looks like external drives will mount to /mnt/media_rw instead of under /storage on android 11. It is even inaccessible through adb shell. This the issue for both retroarch and LB. Other than rooting which most people won't do it seems like both retroarch and LB will need to support the storage access framework in order to use these drives.
  2. https://forum.developer.samsung.com/t/usb-massive-storage-not-recognized-in-galaxy-s20-android-11/9758 Above is a link that outlines the problem I am having and some folks discussion about it. As we expected this seems to be caused by android 11. Thanks for the help.
  3. Something I noticed was that my USB drive was being mounted to mnt/media_rw instead of being in /storage. I think this could be the issue. I am not too savvy with Android file structure so I don't know why it is showing up there instead of next to internal storage.
  4. Thanks Jason. I appreciate it. I can see my files on the usb drive through file explorer but neither launch box or retroarch will see the drive inside the respective app. On my fire stick I can see and load roms directly from the usb using an otg. Anywho, excited to start using LB.
  5. To elaborate, I tested a SanDisk 32gb ultrafit usb 3. 1 over a usb type c dongle. My phone can see the usb drive and I can access the files on the drive. However, when I launch LB it will not see this drive and only see the internal drive. I believe this is a android 11 shared storage. Any thoughts. I believe the drive is formatted fat32. I use this drive for retroarch on my fire stick to store rooms. Thanks
  6. I also cannot get LB to see my external SDcard where I have ROMS. The SD card is being read through a dongle. I also tried with a USB drive. I am using a galaxy S21.
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