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  1. Thanks for the response. I'm not actually using LEDBlinky, I'm just using the LaunchBox feature LEDBlinky. I have a small utility called LEDblinky.exe. All it does is take what LaunchBox/BigBox sends and saves it to a text file, giving me the output above. However, as I looked at my outputs, I realized that they weren't the same (005 vs. 1on1gov) which made me dig into the Data files of LaunchBox. I thought the Data folders were identical on my dev machine/arcade, but they actually weren't. Even more digging led me to the Settings.xml file.. I found that my dev machine had the 'Advanced LED Blinky' options enabled, where my arcade machine has it disabled. Once I enabled it on my arcade machine, it's syncing up again. Looks like typing it out helped me troubleshoot it. lol. Though, I'm still concerned that having it disabled shouldn't have given me the wildy different results that it did. Maybe I'll write up an issue for someone to look at. 😃
  2. Hi, I'm trying to use a home rolled LEDBlinky application as a workaround so that I can capture events to rotate a monitor. It was going well until I ran into an odd issue. My arcade machine uses an AMD cpu, but I'm doing my dev work on an Intel (both Windows 7 x64). For basic testing I was just running the BigBox executable over the network on my Intel machine instead of walking up and down 2 flights of stairs. 😃 When I start BigBox on the Intel and walk through a basic test pattern everything works and I get the LEDBlinky events I expect. 1 9 MAME 8 Platforms 9 MAME Platforms 9 MAME Platforms 8 MAME 9 005 MAME 9 MAME MAME 8 Platforms 9 Pinball Platforms 8 Pinball 9 ACDC Back In Black (Stern 2012) Pinball 9 Pinball Pinball 8 Platforms 8 Main_Menu 8 Options 8 Main_Menu 8 Platforms 9 MAME Platforms 9 MAME Platforms 8 Main_Menu 9 MAME Main_Menu 8 8 Main_Menu 2 But when I finally moved to the AMD machine to start real testing, nothing was working. That's when I noticed that I wasn't getting any of the events that I was expecting anymore or even the correct event numbers. 1 7 Platforms 7 MAME 9 1on1gov MAME 8 7 Pinball 9 ACDC Back In Black (Stern 2012) Pinball 8 8 8 2 (7 isn't even an LEDBlinky event...) The machines are both windows 7 (64 bit) with relatively the same service packs/updates. I made sure that the motherboard firmware was up to date in case it was some weird cpu issue. I've tried upgrading to the latest beta 12.5 and even downgraded back to 11.2 with the same results. I updated the .net core to the latest. I even just finished a reinstall of Windows and still get the same results. My only theory (as per the topic) is this has something to do with Intel vs. AMD. Has anyone else seen anything like this or have any ideas for things I can try? Is this just straight up an issue with Launchbox? I was really hoping to get this working for a Christmas party, but it seems like I'm hitting wall after wall.
  3. I was looking at the iBigBoxThemeElementPlugin, but it just seemed like it wasn't what I should have been using. I know I keep mentioning rotation, but I'm also going to eventually be putting pacled control into it as well and it just seemed like a usercontrol wasn't the right place for this. I'm not really that good with xaml anyway, so that's probably another reason I shied away from it. lol. I will try giving it a go. The LEDBlinky approach was how I was doing this in my HyperSpin setup. I just figured with LaunchBox having it's own plugin support that it would have been something in there already. I'm going to put in in a feature request and see how that goes in the mean time. Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately this doesn't work either. Basically if I'm in the Platforms view (Ex. PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml) and move through the wheels, I get the SelectionChanged events. But if I select a wheel and hit Enter to go into the Games View (Ex. GameDetailsView.xaml) I receive no event. If I hit Escape to leave the Games View and come back to the Platforms view I also do not receive an event. Appreciate the responses though.
  5. Thanks for the response. I saw the BigBoxThemeChanged event as well and thought that might also work, but, yeah that only triggers when the user actually changes themes through options. ☚ī¸ Unfortunately, the only event I ever see when moving around between the main platforms view choices and the game list views choices is "SelectionChanged". If I got any event when entering/leaving the game list view then I could work with that, but no luck so far. As for the themes, I saw a couple nice ones, but didn't want to get too far down the theming rabbit hole just yet. 😁 I just noticed there is a way to submit a feature request. I'll give that a go as well if I don't hear anything. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, In my machine I have a monitor that can be physically rotated from a horizontal to a vertical position. I'm looking to create a plugin so that I can control the rotation of my monitor. However, I'm running into an issue in that I don't believe the system event triggers/exists for the situation that I want (entering/leaving a platform). To better explain.. (When I say horizontal or vertical I'm referring to the screen physically rotating.) I will be running in big box mode and will have 2 platforms. Arcade (MAME) and Pinball (Visual Pinball). When launchbox first starts the main menu (platforms) will be horizontal. When the Arcade platform is entered it will stay horizontal, but when a game is started it could switch to vertical based on the orientation of the selected game. On game exit it will return back to horizontal (in the Arcade platform game list). Then if returned to the main menu, again will stay horizontal. When the Pinball platform is chosen it will rotate to vertical (w/ hopefully a 'vertical' theme'). All games when started will also be vertical. On game exit it will stay vertical (in the Pinball platform game list). Then if returned to the main menu, will rotate back to horizontal. Hopefully that all makes sense.. The trouble is that the ISystemEventsPlugin doesn't seem to send an event when the platform is entered/exited, so I have no way of rotating the screen when I enter the Pinball platform game list. Would this be an api feature request, or am I just missing something obvious? I guess I'm looking to always get an event when entering/leaving each of the menus/submenus. Also, It seems like the 'events' are there as LEDBlinky gets the 7 message when the initial 'Platforms' starts, the 'Arcade' platform or the 'Pinball' platform is entered and an 8 when they are exited out of. I know I can probably create an exe and call it ledblinky.exe and use this as a workaround (which is what I used to do in HyperSpin), but wanted to try my hand at a DLL plugin for cleanliness. Any suggestions? Thanks Reehmicks
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