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  1. I'm guessing I do not have backups turned on in LB, so I will check that .... I did find older settings.xml backups from 2019 and I used one of them and it seemed to work because I can see the full window and manipulate all menus
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED! ... I replaced that settings file with one of the others from 2019 and it worked ... Thanks!!
  3. In the /Backups folder (within LaunchBox folder) there are only .xml files for every game .. I do NOT see any zip files ....
  4. I'm new so of course I can't find where the 'backup zips' are held .. Can you tell me where the folder is?? .. Thanks.
  5. This was strange... I was using LaunchBox 12.3 on my Win10 machine .. working fine ... it did the auto-update to 12.4 and then my xbox-like controller started acting weird as if I was holding stick in a stuck direction (but it wasnt), screen UI jumped around and now the User Interface of Launchbox is shaded (see pic), no menus, long side buttons .. I can not click on anything but I can kind of scroll the game titles with the controller but cant click on or activate anything .... I rolled back to 12.3 .. same thing .. rolled back to 12.1 .... samed thing ... As if the UI display settings are being saved and not wiped so the screen is still shaded and unusable ... BigBox works fine, but I can not get past this issue with LaunchBox ... PLEASE HELP!
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