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  1. Unchecking 'Extract ROMs' is what solved it for me. Everything works as expected now. All of the ROMs I have are in .zip format so I'm not exactly sure why this solution works, but it works nonetheless. Thank you for your help!
  2. @Retro808 I hate to bother you, but any chance you have some insight as to what might be to issue?
  3. Screenshots are attached. The cores selected are correct to the best of my knowledge. These are the same cores used to successfully launch ROMs directly in RetroArch.
  4. I'm somewhat experienced with emulation but new to LaunchBox. I'm trying to import my existing ROMs into LaunchBox and run them using the built-in RetroArch emulation configuration (I downloaded LaunchBox 12.3 and started from scratch). However, NES and SNES ROMs will not load when attempting to start them using LaunchBox. With NES ROMs: Click the title in LaunchBox. Click "Play". The Windows loading icon appears as if RetroArch is starting, but it goes away after a few seconds and nothing happens. With SNES ROMs: Click the title in LaunchBox. Click "Play". RetroArch opens, but nothing happens. RetroArch only displays a black screen. Oddly enough, I can launch Sega Genesis ROMs through LaunchBox just fine and they run as expected. Also, if I run RetroArch.exe and load NES/SNES ROMs directly from RetroArch, they run as expected. I have already checked that the system names in LaunchBox's RetroArch configuration match the name of the system in LaunchBox. I have attempted using both Nestopia and Mesen emulators for NES. I have also removed any special characters from ROM file names. I'm lost as to what else might not be configured correctly.
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