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  1. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!! I WORKED ON THIS FOR LIKE.... 4 HOURS YESTERDAY I really do appreciate this!! (I have a few other games i'll be using with TexMod) So knowing how to get around this is AWESOME! *Edit* I added WinActivate, Launchbox Big Box to bring Bigbox Back in focus after killing texmod. My .ahk file looks like this now. Just wanted to add that if someone comes across this in the future, and has the same issues. Process, Wait, SPEED_REAL.EXE Process, WaitClose, SPEED_REAL.EXE WinClose, ahk_exe Texmod.exe WinActivate, Launchbox Big Box
  2. First post! Looking for some assistance My goal is to be able to play some of my favorite old racing games with updated graphics. (Some of the mods the Need for Speed series has are pretty cool!) I'm running a Modded version of Need for Speed Underground, which uses Texmod to inject custom textures into the game. I'm trying to not have to use my mouse and keyboard at all, i'm running an Xbox One controller via bluetooth. The problem i'm running into is when i quit the game or use "close active window" Texmod itself doesn't close, its the selected application (according to the system tray). Which leaves me stuck, once i manually click the close button, then i have to click on big box once, BigBox comes back into focus, and everything is hunkey-dory again. I've tried a few things, running a batch file that closes "TexMod.exe" after "Speed.exe" closes doesn't seem to work either, its as if something happens to the process/task once it loads the .tpf texture set. While testing things with the batch file i found out "taskkill /im texmod.exe" will close it BEFORE the textures get loaded, but once the program starts and i get in game, and close it again, Texmod refuses to close with the batch. I figured it may be running in Administrator mode, found that it was, and now if i use my batch file to open the game it just opens, shows some black boxes/windows, and the game never opens. I'm not very good with Autohotkey, and i've tried a few apps that let you bind keys to the Gamepad, but i'm open to ideas and suggestions. I'm stubborn and willing to work through the problem, even if it means bashing my head against the wall. I know this is probably a one-off scenario you guys don't see very often, and i realize the insignificance of my issue, but if you wanna help me solve this puzzle i'd be grateful. I want to figure this out so future folks know how to get it working too. I attached a pic of what it looks like once you close the game. You can see the game is closed, but Texmod still remains. Highlighted on the bottom in the system tray, but still not in focus. Thank you!
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