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  1. I currently have the same issue using my Logitech G923. I believe the issue is the peddles are mapped as a joystick within Launchbox which is connected to the mouse. I found that if you push the gas peddle the mouse will rise. If you hold the peddle in the middle it will allow you to move the mouse with the pad and select menus and games. This of course is not a fix, just an annoying work around. Clearing the Joystick up/down values will stop the peddle from overriding the mouse, the joystick left/right options are controlled by the wheel. At least this is how it was for me.
  2. So I came across this thread because I have been having issues trying to map out my Logitech G923 wheel to launch box. I am currently attempting to build a racing cabinet and chose Launchbox as a front end after some research. I downloaded the free version as I wanted to make sure all could work before taking the plung and purchasing a license. So, after reading this thread I see there is no way to map out controls in launchbox without a premium license. I decided to purchase said license to be able to map out controls and still noting works. Sure I can assign button, but buttons do not work. Bigbox is bigger joke! Not one control on the wheel works to navigate within Bigbox. I have waisted countless hours and now more money on a simple mapping issue. The true funny thing is, if I open retroarch directly I can easily map ever button there in their system no problem. And yes, I have GHub downloaded and connected to launchbox, bigbox, and retroarch.
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