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  1. In a quick scan through the git repository it looks rather complicated how the detection works. My 5 minute assessment is that you might have to lift code from the interface code and mimic the detection process in your application. I can dig into this a little further, but its been a long time since I looked at code that wasn't simple functions. Now I feel old :).
  2. Being an avid ScummVM user I have become accustom to the default interface for the PC. I was toying around with using LaunchBox instead and noticed the lack of changing specific game settings. I also noticed that when I add a game I need to specifically select what game it is instead of attempting to auto-determine what the game is. ScummVM has a mass-add feature and auto-detection, is there any way this could be incorporated into the LauchBox GUI? Is there any way to allow specific settings per a game (this is less of a big deal)? As a Related bug, when I select aspect correction for Curse of Monkey Island it still displays on my monitor as wide screen.
  3. Unless I am missing it, I don't see a search option. Can you add a search function, probably next to the filter/arrange boxes? It would make it easier to jump to the specified game if I have a lot loaded. I do this when I use Steam a lot.
  4. As an added suggestion, if you go with a right click option I suggest remembering the last disc played so its easy to jump right back into the game where you were. Or, alternately, asking every time the game is run. I don't know how multi-disc swapping works for most emulators, not sure if command line arguments could make it easier.
  5. So after finding LaunchBox linked from a forum, I have fell in love with this software. I have found one thing really quarky and requiring a lot of manual rework. When I am mass adding ROMs from a system (e.g., Nintendo Wii) that exist for other platforms (e.g., Cars 2), it tends to find the same game from another platform (e.g., PC) instead of the intended platform. I would have expected if I opt to add games it would only add games from that specified platform. I have found it tends to be a bigger issue with newer platforms where there are a lot of cross-platform games, such as the PS2 or Wii. It would be really helpful if when I add for a system it only allows entry into the LauchBox database for that specified platform instead of whatever the TheGamesDB provides. As a related topic, is there any way to organize games that weren't found in some simpler way, or perhaps provide output on the mass-add screen of the titles that weren't found in the database? If I have a lot of games it becomes harder to scroll through the pictures finding the grey misses. This is really just a minor annoyance to the previous issue.
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