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  1. Thats exactly it Jason Any idea if and when this may be added to Launchbox?
  2. Hi Jason. I've been using Razer Cortex which is just a game launcher. It minimizes to tray, and as my computer is left on 24/7 anytime i want to play a game i'd pop up Razor Cortex, and then load my game, the only problem is Cortex doesnt have game meta information etc. I'd like to use this like Cortex, but Launchbox is far better, feature wise.
  3. Hi. Im using Launchbox as a game launcher, but i'd like it to stay minimized in the system tray at all times, i've checked the settings and found that its not possible to do, is there a work around, or will the feature be added in future? This is by far the best game launcher on the market. Really considering the premium version, but i really need minimize to system tray. Thanks
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