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  1. I can argue with you too, if Launchbox is just only the shortcut to your game than it is just as an icon on Your desktop, so simple, it is useless... What I expect from launchbox is to launch the games in the easest way, even if they require 3dfx accelerator, it shouldn't be such a big problem for such a modern program as Launchbox. Is that not the purpose of this program to manage running of all games, no matter if it is pc game or some other?
  2. Not evryone know how to do that, that's why I've created this topic, and it is too much hassle, easier would be installing the game without Launchbox, but that's not what we expect from Launchbox, we just need this program to run games in easy way, don't we?
  3. The main thing is to create config that will work with all games and which is easy to install games as the DOSBox that is installed in Launchbox
  4. I don't think ther's any drifferent in reditribute than standard DOSBox 0.74, the SVN mod uses the same DOSBox as Launchbox, so they can not have bigger rights than any one else. If it can not replace standard DOSBox in Launchbox, than the solution might be adding SVN version parallel with DOSBox 0.74 for games that requires 3dfx emulation?
  5. DOSBox SVN Daum has a lot more options than standard DOSBox 0.74, one and most important is 3dfx Internal Voodoo Emulation, we can play games with much better graphic. Is there any chance to replace standard DOSBox with DOSBox SVN Daum in Launchbox? I was trying to do it by myself, but I couldn't configure it as the one in Launchbox, there was always some problem with scaling and configuration when switching between 3dfx games and non-3dfx gemes... Here is the link to DOSBox SVN Daum: http://ykhwong.x-y.net/
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