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  1. Nathan DiYorio said What I've been doing is making only one entry for the whole series and adding each issue as an Additional Application. Can you or anyone else elaborate on this process? I would like to find a more efficient way to organize my digital comic collection & t.v. show library in launchbox...
  2. One more question about using Launchbox in conjunction with Daemon Tools (I hope it's only one more)... I play most of my PC games via ISO files/mounting with Daemon Tools. How do I go about doing this through Launchbox? Once again, thanks in advance
  3. I see what i did... I simply copied the batch code that you had posted without changing the path to match the one on my my pc... Thanks!!!
  4. Greetings Again... I am still struggling with the Sega Saturn/Launchbox dynamic... I created the batch file as bd000 instructed. However, when I attempt to launch my game (Panzer Dragoon) through the Launchbox program, two windows pop up... 1) A blank black screen with the path C:\\Windows\system32\cmd.exe 2) My Saturn emulator. However the emulator says that my door is open/drive is empty. SSF works fine outside of Launchbox... Any help would be greatly appreciated again...
  5. I was wondering if there is a way to use Launchbox to play games that require the use of Daemon Tools such as a Sega Saturn Emulator or the use of an iso file to play a game. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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