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  1. keops

    Two questions

    Ok. So I see that the custom fields are shown in the sidebar after you restart LB, so that's not a problem anymore. But is it possible to remove other things such as date added/modified and leave only the sorting categories that I want left in the menu? And yes, I'm referring strictly to standard LB, not big box. I attached a pic to help you understand what I want to do.
  2. keops

    Two questions

    Hello. I'd like to know how to put custom fields in the left sidebar and how to make it show star ratings on the game icon box, not just in the details field. I have a premium license.
  3. Hi. I have a suggestion related to the "Download Images/Media" button. Besides the DVD cover, it would be nice to have menu interface pics for all games (main screen, options, and so on). Is there a site that collects this kind of stuff?
  4. keops

    Three requests

    #1. Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't know of the batch edit function. My idea was to right click on an item in the left column and rename it for all associated titles. #2. I tried adding the field twice, but when seeing the game details in Big Box it also showed the field name twice (I added a "Difficulties" field with the values "Easy" and "Medium" and in Big Box it showed "Difficulties: Easy" and "Difficulties: Medium" instead of "Difficulties: Easy, Medium". Also, the filter search only worked on the first value.
  5. keops

    Three requests

    *BUMP* (reason: third request added)
  6. keops

    Three requests

    Hi. I have some requests: 1. Being able to edit fields for all titles (for example, if you have many games under a publisher, you can simply rename the entire field without having to modify for each title separately) 2. Search category " Custom Fields " to be available in Big Box and also to recognize multiple values when using ; 3. A dedicated button to scroll the game notes in Big Box along with a scroll bar when manual scrolling is selected. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I like your LaunchBox app. I have two suggestions for now: 1. Make an option to arrange the order of the titles freely. The alphabetical sorting has some bugs, for example: it puts 10 before 2, and has problems arranging roman numerals too. 2. Create a separate database for movies. I already use the platform category to do that, but creating specialized fields for movies would make it a lot better. That's all for now, thank you for the app and keep up the good work!
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