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  1. Thanks a bunch!! I finally got it and did everything right. The way I want at least.
  2. Thanks again for your great help Retro. Here is my last question. I've converted my playlist into a manual one since I want to decide on my own which games to add into this genre. However, the playlist automatically captured like all games available in all of my platforms so I deleted all of them, to add it manually. But I can't find a option to add games into this playlist there is just remove or sorting out buttons (top, bottom etc.)
  3. So basically, If I want to create custom genres with this, I have to create for each one a single playlist with a unique name as instance a unique name like Action or RPG?. And what exactly does Auto-Populate do in this case? Sorry for so many stupid questions... EDIT: I think I got it now... thanks a bunch.
  4. Thanks Retro, but I never really understood what a playlist is supposed to be on launchbox honestly. Is every playlist I create unique to the corresponding platform? Ps: I still don't know exactly what or how to create specific things with this playlist. Unique Name, "Nested" Name... what does Nested Name mean? and how do I create genre with this?
  5. Hi there, if possible, generating a genre under a specific platform would be nice. As instance: GBA >Action >RPG >Sci-Fi SNES >RPG >Simulation Further, if you select Platform as standard to show (not BigBox), It'd be nice if you could use just the search area, to search the genre on that specific Platform you've marked currently, without switching the to the category genre completely. Thanks!.
  6. Thank you very much !! this was a very smart solution.
  7. Hi guys, the title is a little bit misleading sorry. What I actually mean is a "open with" option or the possibility in doing so. The good thing about lunchbox is, you can use it in many ways and I personally use it for games(dos, snes etc), movies and as a development library for my design content which is really handy. But I do also have a lot of ebooks and since my tablet is broken I thought about implementing those in Lunchbox however, the files are all in .zip or .pdf format and I'd like to specify a Programm which opens them from Lunchbox. Is there a possibility? I couldn't figure out a good method unfortunately. I do appreciate any help. Best Regards.
  8. I never said it was your fault but I still blame you for everything!. Take it like a man. Ps: I do still think that jason did the right thing with this email and i'm definitely not the only one with this thought.
  9. Not everyone, but some for sure which still means minus for him. You can't generalize people, especially not on the net.
  10. I don't think there is anything this guy can do honestly.. First of all, if this is true his reputation is based on his sales which means he would destroy himself with this action. You can destroy a human beings reputation on the net very easily. Even if he gets away from his illegal actions, he would definitely damage his own business.
  11. So Jason and Shawn knew each other? they were friends before?. I'm kinda confused.
  12. The biggest mistake this guy made was sending Jason an email with those lines. Stealing and sharing digital stuff is illegal which is not a news, however, you would usually do these kind of things anonym. This shawn guy however, doesn't even have the rights to sell stuff. I couldn't find anything official like a trade registrar or something like that regarding his site, which means he sells literally his whole stuff illegally. That being said, he has a lot of videos on his channel showing his face, name and possibly other infos as well, which must be in this particular case absolutely horrible for him. All in all if all goes in the wrong direction with him, Jason doesn't even have to move his finger. And It absolutely doesn't matter where he lives since these kind of things are international. Ps: He sells also PC Games and other things not in the right way apparently.
  13. You just have to think outside of the box a little bit man. Jason doesn't have much experiences in these kind of issues I assume, so this "overreaction" was kinda expected. It was not a call to arms, it was more like a "An advice / help would be nice" which was also literally the title of his email.
  14. Exactly. And instead of trying to help in this actual problem, these guys made this whole thread off-topic with their moaning. I really don't get these kind of guys really.
  15. Indeed. In fact, that happens everywhere jason is not the first one who did something like this. It's totally normal actually and more than that, It just shows jason's neat side about sharing these kind of issues with his community. Some people might be upset about this but others are happy.
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