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  1. The only good solution to this would be to include default sort titles on the games database. That would allow them to be at least placed together by default. But as far as renaming game titles to match the franchise, I don't think that would be a good approach.
  2. That shouldn't matter. If you have debug logging turned on, you can check the log file to see what happened. Otherwise, turn it on then try getting an easy high score and check the log file.
  3. Make sure you're logged into the games database under the Cloud menu.
  4. Shouldn't be an issue anymore though, we updated VLC a while back. Windows Media Player is way more outdated than VLC these days.
  5. Thanks all, I've noted these requests/ideas for the next poll.
  6. Any PDF additional apps you add will automatically show up on the pause screen.
  7. You can filter by MAME High Scores Supported as well. However, I don't think we've added it as an option for playlists yet. I'll put that on the list. Yes, the high scores system is exclusive to MAME. It won't work for other emulators. We're using the MAME high scores plugin, as well as hi2txt, which only work with MAME. We can add support later on if high scores solutions are built for other emulators, but that's not something that we can do on our own. It's also worth noting that I wanted to implement it for the MAME Retroarch core, but after looking into it, it's not possible to do securely with the anti-cheat measures in place. So uploading high scores will require actual MAME for this release.
  8. I found a way to cache things that should hopefully speed this up. Will go into beta 14.
  9. I see. I'm guessing you're using a Windows DPI setting that is greater than 200%?
  10. I looked into this; it's taking longer than it used to because we added the "combine with existing games" option, which is on by default. It has to process all existing games for the platform, which does take some time. On my system it's around 5 seconds to process a platform with 1,000 games, but I guess on lower-end systems it could take a lot longer. I don't immediately see any way to speed that part up, but I'll take a deeper look here at some point.
  11. There's a lot that is done at the end of the process. It's all necessary and I currently don't know of an easy way to speed it up. I can add it to the list though to see what I can do.
  12. Beta 13 is out now with the following: You can now click on or select different players (including yourself), to see a new popup that lists all of that player's high scores for all games, including their placements on the community game boards (in both LaunchBox and Big Box) LaunchBox high scores popups no longer nest on top of each other Added MAME high scores support to the old default LaunchBox theme
  13. Ah, yes, almost forgot. I'll get that in soon.
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