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  1. Are you having trouble importing them on Android? What exactly is happening?
  2. Yup, we'll definitely be adding support for all of that.
  3. Where are you downloading ROMs with badly formatted names? There really should only be one type of ROM set that anyone should be downloading these days: No-Intro sets (at least for cartridge based systems). You can get them easily from archive.org. What set are you using?
  4. In the options, at the bottom, is the path to your data folder. There are Images and Data folders in there that you can just delete.
  5. The only important thing is just making sure that you remove all of the images and the data files. You can do that manually through a file browser if you want.
  6. Hi all, the first 12.2 beta is out now here:
  7. 0.42-beta-2 is out now with the following: Reduced the potential for crashes related to misbehaving game controllers Added support for FPse64 We're planning to finally release the 0.42 official release early next week. Please let us know if you run into any issues with this beta, as it will be a release candidate for the 0.42 official release.
  8. Jason Carr


    Ah, so it was just a misspelling issue. FPse64 support is coming in the next beta, which should be out shortly.
  9. I have this working for the next beta, which should be out later today.
  10. Jason Carr


    @Ally68 I'm looking to add this emulator, but I can't find it anywhere. Do you have a link?
  11. It seems like your "Region to Prioritize" setting might be set to something other than "North America". I just tested a fresh install, imported NES, and I do not get any of the incorrect images from your screenshot. That setting is available when you perform imports, and when you force download missing images. It's then saved to the platform so that any background downloads use the same settings. The only other possibility that I can think of is that the previous images are not getting fully deleted in your testing.
  12. That's pretty odd. I haven't been able to replicate this, unfortunately. That said, I have some code in for the next beta that should at least help it to stop crashing if it happens again.
  13. Android unfortunately just generally does a terrible job at this. Currently, I'm in the habit of pulling up the app switcher menu and closing the emulators from there, since not every emulator even provides an option to properly exit.
  14. Thank you much. I have this integrated for the next beta, which should be out later today.
  15. Thanks, that is good to know. Glad you got it working and thanks for the update.
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