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  1. Thanks @MrSco; that error message should definitely be helpful. We'll dive in.
  2. Glad to hear it @morgan999. Most likely a driver update or a Windows/Microsoft update fixed the issue for you.
  3. Oh, should probably post this on Bitbucket if you haven't already as a feature request.
  4. Thanks @legamin, noted. I agree that those would be good options.
  5. I have gotten a couple of BSODs since the update, sigh. But I wasn't running LB or BB at the time, so mine are unrelated, at least. Are you still having this issue? My guess is that it's unrelated, but I can't say for certain. Do you have debug logging enabled?
  6. It's the last item in the top 20, which are the ones that won the top half of the votes. We never intended to tackle all of the items.
  7. Hey all, the first 11.12 beta is out now here:
  8. Hey all, the first 11.12 beta is out now with the following: Fixed: Potential error in Big Box when switching view types and then navigating too quickly Fixed: For theme developers, the FlowControl SelectedScale property was not working with CoverFactory Fixed: On rare occasions, Epic image downloads were not saving correctly due to inconsistences with game images on Epic's servers Fixed: Errors for some users with the Edit DOSBox Configuration window (introduced in 11.11) We are currently working on the last item from the poll as
  9. Hey all, @faeran put this out and it's tremendously helpful and informative:
  10. That is really quite interesting. It's been ages since I've tested with FLV files, so that could actually be the culprit. We'll investigate.
  11. You should be able to change the backgrounds just by replacing the images in the LaunchBox\Themes\Unified & Ultrawide\Images\Theme\Background folder.
  12. Responded to @Joe35car via PM, but to clarify, the MAME arcade full set importer will always prioritize the selected region, even if you choose "skip clones". This will make it pick the best ROM for the selected region to prioritize. It will not just import the parent games. Back when this was all built, in our discussions, no argument could be made for the benefit of importing only "parent" ROMs. Generally, it's best to ignore that and prioritize region and other factors (like officially released versions).
  13. Version 1.0


    LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox is a single EXE file that you can copy next to an MS-DOS game to automatically and easily be able to play and install it. The focus here is on ease of use, portability, and easy distribution. Why was this built? I built this because I wanted to upload some old abandonware MS-DOS games to archive.org, and I realized that most users would have difficulty playing them without some help. I built LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox to be able to be easily distributed with a single MS-DOS game to make it exceedingly easy to play. In addition, I wanted to preserve the enti
  14. It doesn't do all its saving on startup/shutdown. It *does indeed* save things as they are updated.
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