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  1. Ah, I see. Try adding a Text property binding like this: <TextBlock Name="Test" Text="{Binding Name}" />
  2. Pause screen development is coming along well, but the next beta probably won't be out until some time next week. The first beta will be very minimal on features, and we'll look to add various things after that. My initial goal is to support Retroarch and MAME, and just get the pause screens showing and hiding properly. Needless to say, the first beta won't blow you away, similar to the first beta of startup screens.
  3. It's easy as pie to hide all the games for a platform, so that's not really an issue at all. The only use case that you can't really do currently is if you want to hide a platform for some reason, but still use that platform's games in a playlist, or something of that nature. I'm noting this on my list. It hasn't been all that common of a request, so it's not exactly at the top of the list though. It'll probably end up on the next community poll.
  4. You can also download the platform theme videos, which are included with LaunchBox. They're available under Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos in LaunchBox. If you're still unhappy, let us know and we'll get you a refund.
  5. If it's still not showing the videos after that, then for some reason it's just not finding the video files. If you edit the game, does the video file show up in the Game Video Path field?
  6. It should be just a matter of placing or replacing the image you want in the Unified & Ultrawide\Images\Themes\Pointer folder. Make sure it's a png and name it with the platform or playlist name. You can simply use a text editor, but theme changes will require a bit of learning. If you're familiar with HTML or XML, that's a good start. There are some tutorials on the YouTube channel here:
  7. The setting is under Tools > Options > Legacy > General > Game Details. Make sure Video is checked.
  8. Yeah, that's all possible. Good point; it would be relatively easy to allow you to manage an AutoHotkey script for each function.
  9. Here are the default settings based on the user's configuration: { "100", Strings.ValueLowestFastest }, { "200", Strings.ValueLowFaster }, { "400", Strings.ValueMediumFast }, { "600", Strings.ValueHighSlower }, { "800", Strings.ValueHighestSlowest }
  10. Also, @Xrc6 when the issue happens, instead of deleting everything and starting over, hop on the forums here so we can troubleshoot some things. It sounds like you've already started over again though, so not sure if we can troubleshoot stuff at this point. I do agree that it could likely be an anti-virus issue, but I'm not positive. One thing that might help explain what's going on is if you zip up and PM me your LaunchBox\Data folder. That might have some clues. If Retroarch isn't launching, my first hunch is to think that maybe Retroarch's configuration is somehow getting messed up (especially if it's happening after a refresh of Windows). Many emulators have different issues when launching games via the command-line (how LaunchBox launches games) than directly through the interface. So the next troubleshooting step would be to manually attempt to launch a game from the Retroarch command-line. That would narrow it down to either a LaunchBox issue or a Retroarch issue. The media thing sounds like a separate issue, which could be related to the Windows refresh. You can try refreshing your image cache. Per the videos though, maybe it's a driver issue? Let us know if and when you ever have these issues again, and we can troubleshoot further.
  11. Ah, okay. So the issue is that you can't change the name of the text box without getting an error? What is the error that you're getting?
  12. Yeah, this is a feature I would like as well. It is emulator-specific though, so it won't necessarily work for everything, but hopefully we can make it work at least for Retroarch and MAME stuff. That's a really good idea, but also quite a bit of trouble since you'll need to type in passwords for it to be useful. There's no good way to retrieve the passwords from the games automatically that I'm aware of.
  13. Most likely this is related to your image priorities. Do you have Box - Front selected for your image priority settings for those categories?
  14. Hi Artik, if you're still unable to set the font size after changing the name, then it's definitely a XAML/WPF issue, and rather than a bug, it's more likely just an issue with XAML priorities and such. I checked the code behind the TextGameView, and it only changes the font size from the backend if the names are "Title" and "Favorite". If you change those names, then it should allow you to change the font size without issues. However, it's also possible that the font size is being set via the parent ListView or ListBox, or something of that nature. Unfortunately I'm not home to experiment right now, but if there is a glitch, it would have to be with WPF or XAML, and I doubt WPF or XAML would have such a glaring glitch. Most likely there's something misleading that is overriding the font size. Also, make sure that the TextGameView is, in fact, the view that is being used in the area that you're trying to change.
  15. Apologies for the delays; no, there is no good reason why it hasn't been added back in, sans for the fact that it's been a relatively uncommon request. Most people don't care and so I don't hear about it very often. The LaunchBox desktop interface is really a fairly poor solution for arcade cabinets, at least in my opinion, but it is on my shortlist, and I will get to it soon.
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