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  1. This isn't a thing that seems to be typical, judging by our feedback here on the forums. Still, it's good to know that it was causing the issue for you. What video playback engine were you using in LaunchBox?
  2. @Squalo I searched our support email for your email address (the one listed here on the forums) and I don't see anything in there. So for some reason, it doesn't look like we received it. If you are having trouble emailing us for some reason, you can always use the Contact Us form here on this site; that works too.
  3. They should all be in there. Some translations might be missing because they're out of date, though.
  4. Hi @vinylgamer, that CPU was released in 2012, so it's roughly nine years old. It only has two cores as well. I'm not overly familiar with the CPU beyond that, but unfortunately I would not expect that the system would be powerful enough to run Big Box with decent performance.
  5. Yes, LaunchBox requires fairly decent, modern PC hardware. It is not as easy to run as Hyperspin. We work hard at optimizing the code to make it as performant as possible, but we use much newer and more modernized technologies than Hyperspin does, so better hardware is required.
  6. Beta 3 is out now with the following: Improvement: The initial Add Games window that shows up for new users has been overhauled with all of the new import options Fix for custom images not drawing correctly Fix for sorting order incorrect FlowControl's "GameContext" was changed to "FlowContext" since it can be for a game or a platform FlowImage now has Stretch and StretchDirection properties Wheel views can now use the new controls We also have functionality working for putting videos and/or Badge image
  7. Awesome. Let's just start with Simplified Chinese for now. You can read the first few posts of this topic, which should give you instructions on how to get started. The Simplified Chinese translation package is there as well. Thank you very much for helping us out. Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions.
  8. Can you explain what you mean by "aren't linked to those folders anymore"? I don't understand how a symlink could be not linked. Maybe they're linked to the wrong folder? This might be a clue as to what's going on in rare situations, so it's worth figuring out. Thanks for chiming in.
  9. One of our policies is that we only take translations from native speakers. We do this in order to ensure high-quality translations. We definitely don't want to use Google Translate for the translations, because it's bound to result in confusion and subpar translations. Are you a native Chinese speaker then?
  10. Hi @MuffinXXL, thanks for stepping up. Do you mean traditional or simplified Chinese? Are you a fluent speaker of Chinese?
  11. Unfortunately we have not prioritized adding more than 16 buttons. I do have it on the list for the next community poll though.
  12. MAME is a tricky beast, and it becomes way more tricky when you try to import only a subset of ROMs. That's generally not a good idea. The only proper way to import MAME ROMs is to use the MAME full-set importer.
  13. @tomdrake Sounds awesome. The logos are cached at smaller sizes if necessary, so with 4K resolutions these days, bigger is probably better (within reason). Maybe 1000 pixels wide depending on the media source?
  14. Thanks @C-Beats. For everyone here who needs to create a new thread for an issue, remember that you can always call out @Jason Carr and @C-Beats. That will ensure that we see any new thread that you create.
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