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  1. Thank you so much @Cauptain; sorry for the delays. I'll get these new translations in very soon.
  2. Not as of yet. I have a lot of things to flesh out before we'd do any kind of a poll, and a lot of things are still in the planning stages.
  3. Nope. If you get in early at $5, you'll have it forever for that price.
  4. Yes, though not in this initial release. That's pretty important though so that will be coming soon. The issue with using a NAS is that you'd have to be local to the NAS, or have some kind of a public-facing web server hosting all the stuff. Plex does it well but it's very complicated. It's possible that we might support something like this eventually, but it's a fairly long ways off. The initial goal for the app is just to make everything work locally, and with the size and cost of SD cards these days, I don't see that as too much of a hindrance. I have a list of known issues that I was waiting to post until Google finally approves the Android app and it goes live, but this is a known issue that I was planning on posting. Bin and cue files will be supported, but they're not supported yet.
  5. One more thing that I do want to mention: anyone can test the Android export process by going to Tools > Export to Android in the LaunchBox beta. You don't have to have the app installed to get a collection ready on your Android device. Then, when you do get the app installed, your collection will automatically show up in the app.
  6. Also, watch ETA Prime's channel on YouTube. He's going to be putting out a teaser video later today.
  7. I've been back and forth with them several times now. Hopefully the one I submitted this morning will be the last revision. There's been a lot of confusion about whether the app is a game or not, and Google hasn't exactly been straightforward with me in explaining exactly what needs changed. But anyways, yeah. If we're lucky, it'll be ready today. But yes, I'll announce it once it's live for sure.
  8. Sorry for that guys; beta 3 is out now to fix the issue with the missing game details sidebar items.
  9. I believe I've found and fixed this for the next beta. I think it's a bug that was introduced a while back during some performance optimization stuff.
  10. I just put out the 10.0-beta-2 release. I decided to switch up to the 10.0 release (instead of 9.11), because I've made some major backend changes to support Android and such. This new beta includes the following: New Feature: A new Export to Android wizard is now available under the tools menu Fixed: Big Box was erroring in some situations for games without any platform set (and possibly no games found situations) I'm currently waiting on Google to approve the Android release, but that should be out in beta form very soon. I'll create a new forum post for the Android release when it's out.
  11. I have yet to be able to replicate this. I've tested it on several occasions, and it seems to be working fine, so I'm lost on it currently. Has anyone else seen any issues with background music randomization?
  12. It's probably somehow related to how the additional app is configured. If someone can screenshot me an additional app that is being duplicated, I'll dive in deeper.
  13. I am aware of this issue, but it's defeated me a couple times in trying to fix it. It's still high up on my list though, so I'll bang my head against it again soon. Is there a reason why you're quoting this here?
  14. Playing ROMs from the cloud would be on very shaky legal grounds, so unfortunately I don't think we'll ever go in that direction. Also, I was headed that way back when we originally build the LaunchBox Games Database, but I learned that most people were not very interested in a cloud-based solution (which surprised me at the time). Noted, though I did make an attempt to get these on the poll, and they didn't get much excitement in the live stream. We'll get them in there eventually though. The first Android beta will be out in the next few days; I'm just waiting on Google to approve it, so all these questions will be answered. For the moment, though, forgive me, but I'd rather focus on dev than provide elaborate answers here.
  15. The scan tool was built to acknowledge additional apps from the beginning. It's possible that there's a bug, but I'm not currently aware of one there.
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