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  1. I see, thanks. Was just curious about the details of the issue. I can't say I've experienced that myself, so I'm still not sure why it would be happening or how to fix it. It looks like usually it's caused by a background app, but if you haven't installed anything else, I'm not sure what that would be. I would try disabling OneDrive and anything else that you can find in Task Manager that could be causing the problem. The Startup tab in Task Manager will let you disable all of your startup apps, and typically you don't need any of them. Then if you reboot, you can see if you still have the problem.
  2. Yeah, that's definitely super strange. Good job sleuthing that one out though. That does seem to suggest that it's likely a driver issue or something, I would guess. I would first make sure Windows is all the way up to date, and then look for driver updates, especially video drivers to see if that makes any kind of a difference.
  3. Sorry guys for the surprise there. At this point I can confirm that sales have not dwindled at all by what I can tell, so that confirms that it was the right decision for the company. It was a very difficult decision to make, but I have to make decisions that are best for the company, especially now that it's not just me and my own family that rely on the income, but two other families as well. The good news is that the company is growing, which only further serves to cement the future of LaunchBox, but it does mean that we will occasionally have to deal with growing pains like this.
  4. Yeah, that looks all stock to me. All I can figure is that there's some kind of a weird issue with drivers or something, but I know that doesn't help. Are your MAME settings stock? Do you have the same issue when you run MAME from LaunchBox?
  5. Hmm, yeah, it's like there's something force focusing Big Box and not allowing MAME to be focused. Are you using any scripts to launch MAME? What are your MAME emulator settings?
  6. Not sure where you're coming from here @wallmachine...but that's not constructive, and won't be tolerated going forward. @CalmGamer If you've turned off the startup and pause screens, I'm really surprised that would be happening. You might try turning on just the startup screens to see if it helps. Windows can be finicky at times with focus, and sadly it could be caused by any number of things. See if turning only the startup screens on helps. If that doesn't help, then try exiting out of any and all applications that might be running in the background to see if anything is conflicting with focus. Also, what version of Windows are you running?
  7. Yes, we have explored this. We would have to support both XML and a database if we did, because the community would be pretty upset if we just changed it all up. Regardless, some of the loading times could probably be improved with a database, but none of the stuff that we're discussing in this thread would improve at all by changing out the data backend.
  8. There is indeed plenty of room for performance improvements in Big Box, yes. The intent for LaunchBox and Big Box has always been rapid development, tons of features, and ease of use, which we do tend to focus on. We have put a lot of work towards performance optimizations over the years, but we've built LaunchBox and Big Box on technologies that enable us to develop quickly and pump out new features, which means using more modern technologies and higher level languages than bare metal C++, and also provides us with things like the XAML theming engine that aren't available elsewhere. All to say that yes, we know Big Box is more hardware intensive than it could be, but we would sacrifice many features if we spun our wheels trying to make it as low level and close to the hardware as possible. With hardware improving all the time, it makes much more sense for us to take advantage of rapid development and be able to pump out plenty of features than to double our development time to make things more lightweight. Like I said, I haven't tested things in your specific VM environment (I've done some testing on VMware, but I doubt you're using VMware), so you're probably right: there probably is something weird going on that is specific to the VM environment. If we can find it and fix it that would be great, but honestly you may be the only one in the entire community who's using Big Box this way, so it's difficult for us to devote too much time to it. I do think a video might help, though. We can look to see if anything shows up that would be a clue as to what's going on.
  9. We actually used to use thegamesdb.net way back in the day, but they had so much down time that it was cause for major issues (there were times where the site was down for long periods of time). Our talks with them basically led to them telling us to take all the data and use it ourselves, which was in their license agreement and resulted in us creating the LaunchBox Games Database. So we based our initial data and images around their's, years ago. So we have quite a history with them. At this point I think the LaunchBox Games Database probably has better games coverage anyways.
  10. Hmm, this is the first I've heard of or seen this. I really have no idea what could be causing this. I'm doubtful that it's really caused by LaunchBox, but anything is possible. I suppose it could be some kind of weird hardware conflict with a controller or something, idk. I guess the first thing I would try is disabling controller support completely, to see if the problem goes away. I would also check your keyboard automation settings, and try disabling keyboard automation to see if that helps. Let me know if disabling all that stuff makes the issue go away.
  11. Yes, but if you're not even getting the Big Box loading screen, then it's likely an early .NET crash. See if you can find any details in the Windows event log, under Application. You can just start it up and let it crash, and then check the event log for recent errors.
  12. @lokaz Yes, it would be worth trying the above to see if it helps anything. However, I don't feel like your experiences are normal, so there may be something weird going on like a driver issue or a background app interfering somehow. Can you try closing anything you happen to have running in the background to see if there might be a conflict with something?
  13. Interestingly, there's a similar ticket here that just came to my attention: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5148/bigbox-crashes-when-shortcut-is-added-to I have no idea why scripting would cause crashes for Big Box. Unfortunately I'm inclined to suspect that it might be an MS bug, but we should at least figure out exactly what the error is that is causing the crash. Per the ticket above, it appears to be caused by controller code somehow. What do you have in your Windows application event log when it crashes?
  14. Hmm, hard to say what's going on there. Is that the Big Box main view, the pause screen, or the startup screen stuck like that?
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