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  1. Jason Carr

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Yes, we should really put feature requests into separate threads. Nothing wrong with discussing feature requests on the forums, but they don't really belong in the beta testing threads. All you have to do is call me out (@Jason Carr) to ensure that I see the request. That said, I don't think I've heard a request for improving the image viewer in a long time, if at all, but we can at least add it to the next poll. Same for adding more platform/playlist/category metadata to the LB interface.
  2. Jason Carr

    Playlist auto-update

    I'm not sure exactly how we'll handle this, but keep in mind that it might be a tradeoff. I'm more interested in performance than making sure that games that were just played are updated immediately in auto-populate playlists. I may just add a manual refresh option for situations like that.
  3. Jason Carr

    Collection Command line question SOLVED

    Hey, glad you got your issue figured out. Please change your name though to something a little more appropriate.
  4. Jason Carr

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    I do plan to add some easier options to auto-generate playlists. Currently I'm planning on adding something to the right-click menu for platforms to auto-generate genre playlists, etc., so I can probably add a Favorites one as well.
  5. Jason Carr

    8.9-beta-1 Released

    Unfortunately that sounds fairly difficult to troubleshoot. I would first try rebooting to see if it still happens. The only thing I can think of is that something keeps running LaunchBox.exe or BigBox.exe in the background, as that will focus the window.
  6. No, not necessarily. Platforms are not guaranteed to have a parent if the user chooses to place them in the root. It's also important to note that categories, platforms, and playlists can all also be placed in multiple locations (multiple parents).
  7. Jason Carr

    8.9-beta-1 Released

    This could be improved, as I believe right now it just downloads everything.
  8. Jason Carr

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Hey all, the first 9.0 beta is out with the following: - Fixed: Generating MAME/Arcade playlists on importing games was still restricted to premium users (previously we removed the premium restriction for playlists) - Fixed: Launch With in Big Box is now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: The list type drop down in LaunchBox is now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: Field drop downs in the LaunchBox playlist editor are now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: The PluginHelper.DataManager.GetAllParents() plugin method was not working properly I'll be focusing on fixes for a bit before diving into the meat of this release.
  9. Jason Carr

    Remove "view" / sort options in bigbox

    FYI, this was implemented a while ago. You can now hide the options to change views while Big Box is locked. I know there are further requests (such as moving all the view types to a submenu), but I'll have to address that at a later date.
  10. Jason Carr

    Launchbox 8.9 Change Log

    I believe I have this fixed for the next beta. Should be out later today.
  11. I have this fixed for the next beta @eatkinola.
  12. Jason Carr

    8.9-beta-1 Released

    You would have to manually place the image into the correct subfolder, for example LaunchBox\Images\Nintendo Entertainment System\Box - Front\Japan. There may be an issue if the region doesn't match up exactly, so that's my guess as to what might be going on there. The name of the last folder should match the name of the region.
  13. Jason Carr

    Video not playing in BigBox but does in Launchbox

    The codec thing is specific to WMP. The theme works with WMP on your system, so all you should need to do is get the right codecs to get all the videos to play using WMP. VLC does not need codecs, of course, but the issue there will be difficult to solve, since it seems to be specific to both your machine and those themes. A much easier solution would just be to get the right codecs for WMP.
  14. Jason Carr

    Configure Xbox 369 Controller

    It sounds like whatever icon or EXE you're using for Big Box is the wrong one. Make sure you're pointed to the same folder for both LaunchBox and Big Box.
  15. Jason Carr

    8.9-beta-1 Released

    Yes, that's correct. The data needs to be correct on the database (and contain both MD and SG art) to handle it correctly.