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  1. I can explain some of this, at least. I still don't know why some people are seeing duplicate bindings after upgrading, though. @BigWaveDave If you can zip up and PM me your data folder, I might be able to get that figured out. But InputBindings.xml basically replaces the previous controller mapping options. The BigBoxSettings.xml controller settings are no longer used (they're only used to create a new InputBindings.xml file if it doesn't exist).
  2. They're also the same as what are listed on the LaunchBox Games Database: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/
  3. Thanks @AYOOB. I think we'll probably be good, but here's the other thread: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/52144-bigbox-quitting-games-issue/?tab=comments#comment-330506
  4. We added regions after the fact, and never added support for regions when adding media manually, nor can you currently change the region that is associated with a particular image. Currently, it's all only done through the folders. I do have an item on my list to allow changing and specifying media regions, which I believe would solve these issues. I'm not exactly sure when we'll get to it, but it is on my list.
  5. @Muckers I've seen this issue elsewhere, and just asked what that user did to fix it. This was his response: Can you check to see if somehow Open and Play are assigned to the same controller button?
  6. Gotcha, thank you. I think we may have a similar issue elsewhere, so that helps me tremendously. Many thanks.
  7. @Muckers Do you have startup screens or pause screens enabled?
  8. I'm not aware of an issue like that. Are you seeing that issue too @viking?
  9. @Bob Benson Most likely this is the result of a stray controller or an incorrect controller configuration, and it's also what probably caused the weird stretched frame issue above. Your best bet is to unplug all game controllers attached the system, and then go into the game controller configuration to see what might be wrong. If you have Use All Controllers checked, then that could be the issue.
  10. Hi lucky, start with NES as that's a simple platform to get working. If Retroarch isn't working (giving you a black screen), try first running an NES game in Retroarch without LaunchBox. You will need to download the correct core.
  11. Thanks for pointing this out @e2zippo. We just upgraded to a new server 8 days ago, and apparently the metadata was not updating properly ever since. I'm currently getting it fixed.
  12. Good to know @robnmish. I'll put that on my list of emulators to add here soon.
  13. If games are showing up in LaunchBox on Android, but you're getting a black screen when launching, that's not a storage issue. That's either an emulator or a configuration issue. We'd have to troubleshoot that individually for each emulator/platform that you're running into it with. To remove the unbroken folder from your Shield internal storage, one option would be to hook it up to your computer with a USB cable. That's probably the simplest way. Then you can work with files on the internal storage just like you can with a phone.
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