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  1. Jason Carr

    Black screen when exiting Dolphinlaying Wii in Big Box

    I'm guessing it's somehow a combination of the following: Dolphin settings Drivers LaunchBox startup/shutdown screen settings It would be good to compare them all to see what might be causing it.
  2. Jason Carr

    Translating LaunchBox

    Wow! It's great to get that @alexposad; I'll get those translation updates into a beta here soon.
  3. Jason Carr

    BigBox is broken after latest update

    @nealosis has been banned for spreading unnecessary hate, which we don't tolerate on these forums. He couldn't be bothered to spend two minutes updating a theme, and thus decided that it was necessary to spend significantly more time arguing with and insulting me and our volunteer moderators in this thread.
  4. Jason Carr

    BigBox is broken after latest update

    @Tatts4Life If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably something with the startup screens. Does everything work properly if you disable the startup screens for the Dolphin emulator in LaunchBox?
  5. Jason Carr

    BigBox is broken after latest update

    In all honesty, if a theme update is too much work for you, then you should have turned off automatic updates to begin with. It's not difficult to do. A theme update takes all of 2 minutes, so I don't understand what the issue is here at all. Regardless, I'm working on a new theme manager and downloader feature which will make this issue moot.
  6. Jason Carr

    Important tweak/additional features to request

    Gotcha. This will probably end up on the next community poll.
  7. Jason Carr

    Launchbox only importing Games beginning with A

    Thanks @Turnster. What I mean though is what's inside the folder.
  8. Jason Carr

    Windows 10 having trouble installing

    Yes, the reason the installer isn't working is because .NET 4.7 is included in Windows 10 (at least in the latest versions). Try updating Windows 10, as DOS suggests.
  9. Jason Carr

    Launchbox 9.4 Change Log

    I see. Probably the best solution for now would be to add a new platform category just for your custom playlists, and then you could have everything all in one view instead of having to switch to Playlists. I see what you mean though; I'll add that to my list.
  10. Jason Carr

    Launchbox only importing Games beginning with A

    What does the folder structure of your ROMs look like?
  11. Jason Carr

    Critical Error

    Unfortunately somehow it got shared around. I have no idea how, but go ahead and send us an email to support@unbrokensoftware.com and we'll get you a new license.
  12. Jason Carr

    Critical Error

    Hi Kelly, unfortunately this means that the license that you're using was found to be pirated and shared around, so we disabled it. You can either delete the License.xml file to continue using the free version, or purchase a valid license.
  13. Jason Carr

    Launchbox 9.4 Change Log

    They are hidden from some areas in LaunchBox, but if we hide them everywhere, then you can't access them anywhere. Where did you want to hide them from?
  14. Jason Carr

    Release Date

    I am aware of this. I don't consider it a high priority, but it will probably end up on the next community poll.
  15. Jason Carr

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    I think that's a relic from an early beta. If you delete and re-generate that playlist, it should work properly.