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  1. Thanks for the post, its too late for me but it seems no damage has been done, I've uninstalled it and run a malware scan just in case.
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a go and see if it works as I hope.
  3. I have a dosbox + DFend setup with Launchbox which works nicely, but I'm struggling to use the games with my xbox 360 controller. I have my controller keymapped to the arrows and things like ctrl, I thought dosbox would take my gamepad button presses and convert it to keyboard presses, but it appears a joystick and keyboard at the same time, its very strange. I know this because I can enter Prince of Persia 1, and it will take my gamepad as a joystick and react to presses incorrectly, but then if I switch it to keyboard mode, it will act correct as I've programmed dosbox. The issue there is joystick mode is default if a joystick is detected. Here are some of my other issues. 1. I can get some buttons working via dosbox keymap, but certain buttons don't work, like the ESC key. This makes playing a simple like Doom not possible with keyboard assistance. 2. Some games randomly detect my "joystick" which causes issues since I just want my controller to use the arrows and hit the ctrl key etc. 3. Some games like wolvenstein ignore my "joystick" and my keymaps, which is weird. Does anyone have a partially working solution? I wasn't expecting perfect compatiblity, but I thought I could at least get Doom and Wolfenstein working.. I am aware I could probably just reprogram the whole controller via ds4windows or something, but then it would probably break everything else.
  4. Thats interesting I just fixed it. It turns out this feature doesn't work if you run Launchbox as an Administrator.
  5. I have my dos games set up with D-Fend, I did some googling and many people mention being able to import the shortcuts for those dos games that use d-fend. The problem is I can't seem to get any sort of shortcut importing working with Launchbox, past forum topics seem to say that this worked in the past. Any ideas?
  6. garbanzo said I have solved this by filtering down to just the .cue files in my PS1 folder by running a search for for *.cue, then dragging the .cue files from the search results window into LaunchBox to initiate the ROM import wizard. I wish I knew this earlier! Thanks I'll do this from now on. garbanzo said Regarding your DOS games, if they are already "installed" then you can use the above method to import .exe, .com, and .bat files (though this will likely grab setup files and other things that you don't want to import). If they are not installed or setup, then there isn't much you can do other than setting them up one at a time. I thought that was the case. I guess I'll just install the best games and leave the rest.
  7. I might be alone in this but I thought I would let you know just in case I'm not. I have a large collection of PS1 roms however I have them in .bin format for each track. So if a game has 20 music tracks, it will have twenty .bin files plus one for the game. The emulator loads the .cue file to understand how to load them all. The issue is when I import the roms, launchbox detects each .bin as a separate game and it would take way too long to manually filter through the list before the final import. I have figured out a solution though, i used a bulk renamer to rename all my .bin files to .jpg so launchbox wouldn't pick them up, then after the import i'm going to rename them back to .bin. Thanks Also bonus question: I have some old dos games, is there some kind of automated process to set these up? I imagine it would be hard to have everything automated as you would need to go into setup and set up your sound settings etc.
  8. Jason Carr said Unfortunately only implementing a single codec means massive compatibility issues. If we did that, we'd have angry people left and right, so that's not really an option. As it stands, the vast majority of people have no problem playing their videos (or are able to solve the problem relatively easily). Perhaps a solution would be to implement your own codec and but have the failsafe of the current method. The current method works fine though I'm more thinking if having your own implementation would have added benefits. Also I have a suggestion for the video feature and didn't want to crowd the subforum. What do you think about being able to press the right arrow and then enter to view a video full screen? Or maybe the tab button? or perhaps a button that enlarges the video to take up the entire right hand side of the screen but allows you to continue scrolling? Also I noticed that the video starts from the start again if you view it in full screen, is it possible to have it continue on from the point the small version was at? Thanks
  9. SentaiBrad said Well I for one vote to see if we can move away from WMP being a dependency? Especially if its going to be iffy on if the user has WMP installed or enabled? We can just link to the Standard K-Lite pack. Might even improve performance. Personally I think a codec should be picked and then natively implemented in the app. Why? Because Launchbox IMO is about polish, and you want the videos to work perfectly without delay, lag etc as well as not relying on outside applications.
  10. SentaiBrad said It still comes installed with Windows 10, its just not the default anymore. Well it came still installed for me. I didn't carry over any of my programs when I did the upgrade. Windows 10 Home or Pro? Windows 10 Pro. It was a fresh install from a USB stick. Very strange as I'm guessing my main PC had it by default.
  11. Well I figured it out! I tried to find Windows Media Player and it didn't exist.. maybe it doesn't come as default for Windows 10? Not sure.. I went into control panel, programs and features and selected that I wanted windows media player. After it installed the videos work! Thanks for your help.
  12. Jason Carr said Hi @samfisher5986, hmmm. You've pretty much tried everything I would suggest, so I'm at a loss. Do the transition effects work properly in Big Box? I just tested this by putting explosion on the general transition and yes it works.
  13. I installed Launchbox on my Windows 10 media PC and even though it finds my videos as indicated in the game settings they don't play. It does give me the stop/start playing buttons for my videos in big box. If I copy the launchbox folder to my main PC the videos play indicating its something with the operating system. I reran the launchbox installer administrator to make sure the directx installs, I ran the direct 9 web installer just in case. I can open the .mp4 videos without issues using the windows 10 default media player. I also installed the K-Lite codec pack just in case, no change. The only major difference I can see between the two computers is that the media PC has the Intel 530 integrated graphics, I do have the drivers installed for those.
  14. Jason Carr said Hi @samfisher5986, welcome. The videos from my example video are from the EmuMovies collection (emumovies.com). It's not free, but EmuMovies makes it really easy to automatically download videos for your all your games. I'm in the process of working with EmuMovies to see if we can get the videos freely accessible for LaunchBox users, or if we should look into other options. Right now, LaunchBox in itself does not automatically grab videos for you. Oh ok thanks for the reply. Having something automatic would be amazing. I've become very burnt out trying to maintain hyperspin so I gave up on that.
  15. I saw a video of Launchbox Big Box and thought it looked amazing. The only thing I can't figure out is where do the videos come from? Do you have to add them manually or are they added from a database? Unfortunately I can't see how it all works since I don't have premium as videos are quite an important feature for me. Thanks
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