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  1. Hey Jason, RE: Beta 6 Show launchbox from within big box mode no longer throws up an error it was actually opening launch box before, which was no doubt causing the error, no longer the case. An anomaly with the new individual AHK scripts: The emulators that don't have an individual script eg. Fusion, PPSSPP, Dolphin, Nestopia etc. the controller script works fine, Volume Adjust, Show Launchbox, Exit. No problem. However, if you run an emu that does have the "This section closes **** when pressing Escape" script, such as Snes9x, Project64, the controller functions don't work.
  2. Update: After some additional testing: PCSX2 - works fine but requires 2 presses of the Hold/Close combination to completely shut the emulator, once to exit fullscreen, then again to shut the emu. No big deal but thought you might like to know. MAME - Close combination not working, I didn't notice at first because I have the exact same closing string in Mame itself. Because you can set it through the Mame config, it negates the need for AHK ... again, no big deal. EPSXE - Closes the main window but leaves the exe running, this is probably the only one that's an actual problem. Nul
  3. G'day, tried a variety of different emulators, dolphin, mame, Project64, SSF etc. with launchbox and bigbox and .......... Working Perfectly! Outstanding work mate, show launchbox, volume adjust and exit game all working flawlessly. I've never dealt with anyone who fixes problems that quick, some of the bigger software companies could learn a lot from you! Thanks very much for your effort, if I come across anything else that I think could be of any use I'll let you know, Cheers!
  4. Yep, definitely one instance of AutoHotKey.exe runs when you start Launchbox or Bigbox then shuts down on exit. Another small strange thing, when trying to re-configure the input buttons for AHK control, sometimes it would not recognize button presses. That is, I'm in Options, Input, Gamepad/Joystick, Autohotkey and I click on the field under Hold this button: it says Press Button... so I press button 7, for example, and nothing happens. If I then press button 1 as the hold button it will accept that but then state: You've specified Button 1 for use as the Hold button, but it is in use
  5. Hey all, was just wondering if the issue that AlonB had was resolved because I have the exact same issue. No matter what I try, cannot get AHK to work in either bigbox or launchbox. I am currently using an xbox one wired controller and can see the AHK script running on my taskbar, probably something simple but I'm out of ideas, would greatly appreciate some help. Cheers
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