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  1. I haven't tried another SNES core yet, no. The core in cores folder is a dll. I only downloaded the one core that was suggested in the video. I basically followed the video's instructions to a T. I'm going to try a new core now. Edit: I have tried a few different cores, to no avail. I'm still getting a black screen. I'm thinking the video is maybe skipping some steps or some setup things? I literally have done exactly what that video has said to a T. I have read different kinds of info on setting up RA that differ from what this video said to do, but I am afraid that I would just be making
  2. I have been following the instructions in the YouTube video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oeozvnb_-eI I am having an issue where I attempt to run the ROM (I have the art and everything, used the Wizard to find the ROMs, 7z file type, etc), the screen goes black and the game doesn't start. LaunchBox, RetroArch, and the ROMs are all in my secondary hard drive main directory. I'm wondering what setting I may have gotten wrong or if the ROMs are just bad or something? For reference I'm basically like 10 minutes into the video where I start having trouble. Everything before that, steps we
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