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  1. this is a great addon, ive wanted to set up a kodi based game frontend for ages now, mostly for the fact it running on a lightweight platform,all the addons on kodi that do this all have limitations, one thing is im having trouble importing all of my collection, all the platforms are showing after the import,but can only access around 70% of them, it just says bigbox error referr to kodi log

  2. not sure if im missing something simple,im trying to sort out per platform genres, but when i open bigbox on my bartop,i can map a button to platform genres and it brings up all the categorys,eg shooter fighter, but it is in a mix of all systems, can this be locked per system? and is there a way to go back to platform view after veiwing platform genres as it just goes back to the options screen?

  3. usng the stabe atm, i ticked per core config, but it just uses the shader thats selected when i change platforms and after saving the config. how would i go about updating to the nightly without wiping my settings?

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