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  1. thanks for that, ill have a look into it next time i fire my frontend up, cheers
  2. this is a great addon, ive wanted to set up a kodi based game frontend for ages now, mostly for the fact it running on a lightweight platform,all the addons on kodi that do this all have limitations, one thing is im having trouble importing all of my collection, all the platforms are showing after the import,but can only access around 70% of them, it just says bigbox error referr to kodi log
  3. this is a great addon, ive wanted to set up a kodi based game frontend for ages now, mostly for the fact it running on a lightweight platform,all the addons on kodi that do this all have limitations
  4. thankyou that worked great cheers
  5. Hi I was editing the platform category's and launch box crashed now it just boots but then exits bigbox still works but lunchbox doesn't how do i restore my previous build cheers
  6. ive tryed this tool, but the when unzipped the folder has lot of files inside that would need to be renamed also
  7. i have a sega saturn romset that is named like .......Command & Conquer v1.000 (1996)(Virgin)(PAL)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][GDI] is there a renamer tool i can use as lb is not picking up the roms when i import
  8. well im suprized there is not more interest in having this implemented,especially considering alot of people have large collections.
  9. is there any videos showing how to do this,
  10. hi, is there any easy way of viewing platforms by genre? eg...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl6_Oltw0Hw
  11. kpop

    Multiwheels Proposal

    this is what i thought was going to be implemented as nested filters also, this would be a great feature to have.
  12. kpop

    platform genres

    thats the part im tryng to skip as it ruins the flow of bigbox when on a arcade. getting dumped back into the menu.
  13. kpop

    platform genres

    not sure if im missing something simple,im trying to sort out per platform genres, but when i open bigbox on my bartop,i can map a button to platform genres and it brings up all the categorys,eg shooter fighter, but it is in a mix of all systems, can this be locked per system? and is there a way to go back to platform view after veiwing platform genres as it just goes back to the options screen?
  14. sounds good but needs the vid looping problem sorted out.
  15. once there imported in lb, run the audit on the roms in mame, to refresh them.
  16. Same problems with demul also.
  17. putting it in manually has fixed it, cheers, just got to get the right bios now. thanks
  18. i updated all the files on 1.40 and 1.36 of retoarch and all there is coming up is yabuse saturn core.
  19. im trying to setup sega saturn trough retroarch and saw thatit rs alot better on mednafen core compared to yabause, but my retroarch doesn't seem to have, i have followed brads saturn vid to update retroarch to the nightly, but still no luck.
  20. im finding the intro video looping is there a way to stop that?
  21. nope im still having this problem after importing roms on north american region, even tho the roms that are missing are on the rom parsing screen. the only way they all show up is when i import all inc clones but then i have loads of junk roms showing up in bb.
  22. I updated retro to nighty, following brads video, and all is well now, thanks for that, cheers.
  23. usng the stabe atm, i ticked per core config, but it just uses the shader thats selected when i change platforms and after saving the config. how would i go about updating to the nightly without wiping my settings?
  24. im tryng to get retroarch to save shader settings per core, eg one type for game boy, one for psx, but cant seem to get retroarch to save.
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