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  1. Here is a one that I made for the CPS-1. I just mirrored the default look of the NES, SNES, and N64 images. Hopefully this works right.
  2. Jason Carr said Hi @Graffix3001, what version of Project64 are you using? Different versions require different command line parameters. If you look at emulator drop down in LaunchBox when adding the emulator, you'll see two different Project64s in the list. Try the other one and see if that works. :) Thanks for the reply. I didn't even notice the 2 different Project54's. I downloaded version 1.6 and didn't select that one from Launchbox. That solved my problem after selecting the correct one. Thanks again.
  3. I just recently installed Launchbox and love it so far. I loaded N64 roms just as the video showed how to do. The games import fine. I have Project64 installed. All of the paths for the games and the emulator are correct. Every time I go to launch the game from within Launchbox it opens up the Project64 window and then a pop up displays saying, "Attempt to open file failed." Is there any type of debug that I can run to show error reports? I forgot to add that if I open up Project64 outside of Launchbox and select a ROM it opens and plays the game fine.
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