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  1. Big thanks for @Jason Carr the new nesting feature is great 🙂
  2. C'mon make some people happy Jason 😊
  3. How can you vote 300 times? there's an id in the poll link no? It was not me, the only thing I did a few times was hitting back when refresh gave me an error.
  4. It's looking better today :-)
  5. I hope just that everybody understands what "custom Nested Folders/Nested Filters (support for Multiple Levels)" is...
  6. Finally the new poll is here!!!
  7. Fine let's wait a little more :-)
  8. Where is the poll?? Linux poll?? Are you serious?? We are not a handful of very vocal power users, just normal users asking for a basic feature or at least a poll to measure the interest for this.
  9. Is it not the most voted issue on Bitbucket? Ok it's old, but there's also some topics talking all about the same feature (subcategories, multi-wheel, playlist folders...), LaunchBox is a wonderful piece of software thanks all the work, but how it possible we can't use it to freely organize our folders?
  10. How is it possible that retro-achievements and community ratings are more important than this???
  11. pasteko

    Export games list

    Just found something today, when you change the view to "List view" you can select all games with CTRL+A then with CTRL+C copy all the list to clipboard and paste it in Excel or any other spreadsheet software. :-)
  12. pasteko

    Export games list

    Hello, Is there any easy way or a plugin to export my games list?
  13. Is there any real chance we can organize our folders one day?
  14. There's already some bitbuckets requests about this : https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/534/option-to-create-custom-submenus-and https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1256/ability-to-use-nested-custom-filters https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/311/nested-filters and probably more, nested filters is now marked as resolved but for some people is not. This feature has the highest votes each time but was not even in the poll...
  15. First, I really like LB and I have a premium license, thanks for all the work. But I don't use it because I can't organize the things the way I want. I think we really need folders and sub-folders, this has been asked from the start, so where's the problem? Sorry but the platform mode is not the solution for this.
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